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For our vegan friends and followers of vegan diets, I’ve rounded up all our vegan recipes on the site so you can find them in one magic post!

We have some wonderful recipes that will take you through almost every meal in the day.


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Coconut Porridge recipe with bananasCoconut porridge with banana and dates


These are some of our favourite breakfast recipes across the site and they just happen to be vegan too. The good morning porridge is for every day, the bircher muesli is a great recipe for weekends, as is the coconut porridge which we also coin the special occasion porridge.

Coconut porridge with banana and dates

Good morning porridge

Bircher Muesli 



VEGAN ROASTED BEETROOT DIPVegan roasted beetroot dip by guest contributor, The Blender Girl


Our guacamole is a hands down crowd pleaser, it works well devoured on its own with corn chips or used to top toast for a quick snack. The vegan roasted beetroot tip is a great vegan recipe for dinner parties.

Vegan roasted beetroot dip




Eggplant and tomato braise horizontal Eggplant and Tomato Braise



Our vegan recipes for mains can be worked into a two or three course meal. The soups make a great starter while the salads can be served together in a rice or nourish bowl.

NEW – Tomato and Cannelini Bean Soup

NEW – Potato Fritters

Eggplant and Tomato Braise

Vegan cream of spinach soup

Quinoa salad

Garlic and ginger pumpkin soup

Marinated eggplant and sesame noodle salad




Pickled red cabbage closeup
Our Home Chef’s recipe, pickled red cabbage




Our vegan sides and salad recipes work well on their own but also together. They can be served together for your guests to add to a salad or rice bowl.

NEW – One pan potatoes

Pickled red cabbage

Roast pumpkin

Mango avocado and rucola salad




Vegan Choco Mousse in blanket dark FINALRaw vegan chocolate mousse



Our vegan desserts are all flavoursome and easy to make. The mousse can be served on its own or easily intensified with broken pieces of our raw chocolate tahini and chocolate slice, or the raw cocoa date and coconut balls. Yum!

NEW – Chocolate Coconut Cake (completely vegan if you omit the icing)

Vegan gluten free double chocolate brownies

Raw chocolate tahini and coconut slice

Raw cocoa date and coconut balls

Raw vegan chocolate mousse

Easter eggs

Strawberry Mint Salad



Almond Milk finalAlmond milk



Yummy, easy drinks and snacks that can be made in a second or two using a blender.

Salted cocoa banana shake with wattleseed

Almond milk

Antioxidant smoothie




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