Breakfast in bed angle

Birthdays and celebrations are a BIG deal in my family. It’s not just cards and cake but the thought and combined effort from everyone to make the birthday person feel special.

One of my earliest memories of birthdays and one that exemplifies this notion, is breakfast in bed. It was the one thing I could expect, second to being woken up by cuddles and kisses from my parents and sleepy siblings.

Almost as exciting in fact, was helping organise a breakfast in bed, especially for my parents whose primary role back then was to do almost everything for us. It was such an important gesture from us kids to get it right. It is a gift in itself and in an age where we are suffocated by what to buy, what to have, etc, I would love to see it make a well-deserved comeback.

I’ve put together quite a few breakfasts in bed in my time, so here are a few pointers and tips which I hope will help you put one together too.

JC x



What to include

Planning what to include for your breakfast in bed recipient is the most important part. Like putting together a hamper, it is really personal. Start by finding a tray or board as your base and then think about what they (breakfast in bed recipient) likes to eat or drink. Do they have any favourite breakfast dishes, what are their favourite colours? Remember to take the tray or board’s measurements into consideration and allow room for what you can.



GUACAMOLE AND FILTER COFFEEA simple breakfast in bed idea – a nice strong coffee and toast with guacamole



Whether it’s hot or cold or has bubbles in it, at least one drink is essential on a breakfast in bed tray. Think OJ, coffee, tea, a bloody mary or even a glass of Prosecco. A straw could be a nice touch for decoration’s sake.



Some staples on the breakfast in bed tray are toast with yummy preserves, pancakes or a simple egg dish with lots of sides like bacon, tomatoes, baked beans and avocado. Keep it simple but a little bit fancy too, something they wouldn’t normally have every day like French Toast.



This is optional but can make for a dramatic entry and just generally create a festive mood. Whether it’s a birthday song, the recipient’s favourite song or just tuning in to their favourite radio station just to get the morning going.


Gifts or tokens

In a way, the preparation and effort involved makes breakfast in bed a gift in itself. However, if you want to add something extra like a wrapped gift or card, make sure you leave a little room to slide it onto the tray.



✓Flower from the garden

✓Newspaper or magazine

✓Tray with or without legs (see ‘tip’ for those that don’t have one)

✓Napkin, cutlery (pop them in a recycled jar or glass so they’re not in the way)

✓ Small milk jug, sugar and salt & pepper

✓ Gift or card

✓ Music

✓ Extra pillows so the birthday boy or girl feels comfortable


Breakfast in Bed coffee




Breakfast Drinks

Freshly squeezed OJ or fruit/veggie juice


Hot coffee, chocolate or tea


Breakfast food

Pancakes with honeycomb butter or natural yoghurt with cinnamon and strawberries

French toast with maple syrup and bacon

Eggs – fried, boiled, poached or scrambled with toast or asparagus soldiers

Egg sides – bacon/chorizo, slow roasted tomato, goats cheese, avocado, smoked salmon or baked beans

Toast with jam, honey and butter or a simple guacamole

A muffin or pastry

A little pot of oats or yoghurt with fresh fruit


Breakfast in Bed Strawberry Coconut Pancakes Strawberry Coconut Pancakes



Bacon and egg tarts

Coconut Porridge with Banana and Dates

Strawberry Coconut Pancakes

Gluten free pancakes with Ferrero Rocher

Bachelorette Eggs

Bircher Muesli

Muesli Bars

Banana Smoothie with Buttermilk


Tip: Don’t have a tray? No worries! Use a chopping board or even a small picture frame (as per featured image) which you can line with a tea towel so it doesn’t get damaged.