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In the Pantry is our newest segment on DC, featuring products from inside the pantries of the DC team and sometimes even our readers. A regular round up of products we absolutely love, we’ll tell you why we love them, how to use them and where they can be bought.

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Arataki Honey



1. What is the product? Arataki Manuka Honey

Why do you love it? 
I was brought up on this stuff, any sign of a cold or cough and a teaspoon was immediately dished out or added to a hot lemon drink.  It’s thick, rich, darker in colour and full of medicinal properties – but it also tastes great too!

What have you made with it? 
As much as I love it, this isn’t my everyday honey pot and its thickness means it’s not something I would use for drizzling or adding to lots of other strong flavours.  I prefer to save it for more simple occasions where the true honey flavour can be enjoyed i.e. on a piece of good quality toast or straight from the pot!

Where can you buy it? 
Most health food stores but also Vege2Go in Brunswick

How much does it cost? 
Around $17 for 500g


 Spiral Foods tamari


2. What is the product? Spiral Organics Tamari

Why do you love it? 
The taste.  Japanese is my all time favourite cuisine and I just prefer Tamari to regular soy sauce.  It’s rich in flavour but less salty, and has the added benefit of being gluten free for those with intolerances.

What have you made with it? 
Use in place of soy sauce for stir fries, dipping sauces and salad dressings. I like to mix it with equal parts peanut butter or tahini to make a tasty satay sauce for stir fries and for marinating chicken or tofu.

Where can you buy it? 
Most independent supermarkets, health food stores and asian grocers.

How much does it cost? 
$9.50 for 500ml from the Spiral Foods website.


Hibiscus flowers 




3. What is the product? Dried Hibiscus flowers.


Why do you love it? It has a beautiful colour and flavour once diluted with water.


What have you made with it? I have pickled them, added them to Prosecco, used them as an iced tea drink and also baked them in a tea cake.


Where can you buy it? I buy them locally here in Thailand but they are widely available in Melbourne. For the actual dried flowers rather than processed Hibiscus tea, I would recommend Oasis Bakery.


How much does it cost? $5.99 per 100g



 Backyard Honey




4. What is the product? Backyard Honey

Why do you love it?
  Taste. Backyard Honey has a lovely sweet flavour but still manages to taste natural-ish compared to some honey on the market. I love that on the side of each jar you know which hives the honey was collected from. My latest jar is from the hives at Glenferrie Oval.

What have you made with it?
 I keep things simple and use this honey on my toast every morning. It’s great on good sourdough bread.

Where can you buy it?
Gourmet food shops and delis, including Toscano’s (Kew, Richmond and Hawksburn) and the Common Good Grocer in Hawthorn.

How much does it cost? 
 about $16 for a 330g





Careme pastry




5. What is the product? Careme Traditional Pastry


Why do you love it? I generally try and make my own pastry, an art which I can say I have mastered as yet. However, for the occasions when I don’t have the time or inclination to make it from scratch, or I want to be 100% sure that the recipe works, I opt for Careme ready to use frozen pastry. Made in the Barossa Valley, it’s easy to just pull out of the freezer, defrost, roll and bake. It works a treat every time. The range includes all butter puff pastry and shortcrust pastry in sour cream, vanilla bean and dark chocolate varieties. Shortcrust pastry is also available gluten free.


What have you made with it? All sorts of things – both sweet and savoury pies, quiches, tarts, empanadas. I have turned it into sweet or savoury palmiers or other biscuits. I always spread the off cuts with jam or chutney, roll them up and bake them as snacks.


Where can you buy it? Independent supermarkets and greengrocers. See their website for a full listing.


How much does it cost? $8.29 per 375g; gluten free – $9.29 per 375g



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