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Simple Baked Salmon Recipe (Salmon Boats)

I generally refer to this simple Baked Salmon recipe as ‘salmon boats’ at home because they’re baked in a ‘boat’ of alo foil. What I love about this recipe is how simple it is to prepare and how well it presents and tastes. The best part is that the cooking time is generally no more than 20 minutes depending on how cooked through you like your salmon.

In terms of the flavours for this simple Baked Salmon recipe, the sky’s the limit. I have kept it at its simplest/most basic, but spices and fresh herbs work best: think fresh coriander or dill, a few thin slices of shallot or garlic, a little drizzle of olive oil and you’re done! I look forward to hearing what combinations you’ve gone with!

Jen xx


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Simple Baked Salmon Recipe (Salmon Boats)

Makes two servings/feeds two 


2 x 180g fresh salmon fillets

Garlic powder, 1 – 2 generous pinches (or a few thin slices of fresh garlic)

Fresh or dried herbs/toppings – see suggestion notes below

Good quality extra virgin olive oil, a drizzle for each fillet

Sea salt (Maldon salt flakes are perfect)

Cracked pepper


Suggested fresh or dried herbs/toppings for two fillets:

Two slices of either lemon or orange, one for each fillet

Fresh basil, dill or coriander, one small handful for each fillet

1 shallot, sliced thinly, divided across two fillets

1 fresh garlic clove, sliced thinly, divided across two fillets

Dried thyme, marjoram, cumin or chili, one pinch per fillet


Simple Baked Salmon Recipe


Preheat your oven to 180°


Lay out two pieces of alo foil (roughly 29cm length x 25cm width each) and place a square of baking paper over each piece of alo foil (roughly 24cm length x 17cm width each)


Place a salmon fillet skin side down on each square of baking paper and crumble the salt onto both sides of the salmon (I use about half a teaspoon for each fillet)


Now add your toppings, I generally start with a generous sprinkling of garlic powder, followed by whatever fresh or dried herbs I have on hand. For dry ingredients I add a little chili, some dried marjoram or thyme even cumin, and for fresh ingredients I’ll swap the dry garlic for half a clove of fresh garlic thinly sliced per fillet, half a shallot thinly sliced and a small handful of fresh dill, basil or coriander. If I have an orange or lemon on hand, I’ll add one slice on each fillet.


Add some freshly cracked pepper and then a drizzle a little quality olive oil over the salmon fillet


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Next, close the ‘boat’: bring both sides of the alo foil together and fold to one side gently


Salmon Boats Recipe tin foil fold 2


Finally work your way from one end of the ‘boat’ to the other by loosely sealing or scrunching the sides so it kind of looks like a pastie


Salmon Boats Recipe tin foil fold 3


Pop the boats on to an oven tray side by side and cook for 15 minutes


At the 15 minute mark, pull the tray out and open the alo foil seal to check on how cooked through the salmon is


At this point the salmon will be medium – rare. I like my salmon a little more on the medium side so I’ll leave it to cook in the oven for a further five minutes unsealed


Once the salmon is cooked to your liking, it’s ready to be eaten! I serve it with one or two salads, like a warm potato salad with tomatoes, oregano and olive oil, or a beetroot and feta salad. Light and fresh!


Notes: If you don’t have salmon, fresh trout also works beautifully with this dish. Simple Baked Salmon also makes a great addition crumbled into salads the next day.


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