Potato Frittata Recipe

Potato Frittata Recipe

This Potato Frittata recipe is a twist on the frittata my Mum made for us growing up (and still does!). It is such a comforting dish, and is really easy to put together.

It serves two people (two slices each) as a main with salad for a light dinner or lunch, and makes for great finger food at dinner parties. I also love it sliced and wedged into a bread roll for picnics or a quick lunch.

The most time-consuming part is frying the potatoes, so it’s a great way to listen to a podcast or some music at the same time.




Potato Frittata Recipe

Serves two as a light main


4 eggs

420g potatoes, washed, peeled and cut into small pieces half a cm thick

Quality olive oil or sunflower oil for frying

Sea salt and pepper to taste



Halve the amount of potatoes, and swap with zucchini pieces cooked and cut the same way.





Add a little olive oil to a non-stick pan (see notes) on medium to high heat, and fry the potatoes until golden brown (note: the potatoes will start sticking/clumping together when they’re almost cooked)


Put the potatoes aside in a bowl or on a plate, and leave the frying pan on the heat (lower the heat slightly)


In the meantime start mixing the eggs in a large bowl and add the sea salt and pepper. Once mixed through, add the cooked potatoes to the egg mixture and stir together


Return the frying pan to the heat and wait until the frying pan has warmed up to medium heat. Pour the potato egg mixture into the frying pan


Once the bottom of the frittata is golden, and the edges are firm, flip the frittata (you can use two spatulas to slide it onto a plate or simply flip it); wait until the uncooked side turns golden, and serve!


I like to eat the frittata with a big, fresh salad or wedged into a bread roll!



Note: For ease, please use a non-stick pan for this recipe. It will make the flipping of the frittata SO much easier.