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This Fregole Marinara recipe is another dish beautifully prepared and shared by Sabine Ledda of the Sardinian Cultural Association. This is just one of several recipes she showed us how to cook during our cooking course series, one that is particularly popular in Sardinia especially seaside towns. Simple but rich flavours and very filling. Enjoy making it!

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From the kitchen:

One frying pan

A bowl for the seafood

A saucepan or pot

A wooden spoon

A strainer


Sardinian table at Enoteca Sileno final(Some of the beautiful Sardinian products available at Enoteca Sileno)


Fregole Marinara Ingredient Collage final


Fregole, medium sized – 80gm per person (stocked at Enoteca Sileno) You can also use cous cous or quinoa as a substitute.

Prawns – 100gm per person (whole preferable for a more intense flavour) 

Mussels – 4 per person

Clams – 4 per person

Bottle of Della Nonna peeled tomatoes

Extra virgin olive oil 

Fresh parsley 

Garlic cloves

Salt and pepper



Sabine serving the fregole final(Sabine stirring the marinara mixture before serving)


How to cook them:

Add the oil and garlic to a frying pan on medium heat.


Add cleaned clams and mussels to the frying pan, once they open take them out of the frying pan and set them aside (with natural juices).


Add the prawns, as well as half of the clam and mussel juice and fry until cooked (should take no more than for 2-3 minutes). Once cooked, also put them to a side.


Fill a saucepan or cooking pot with water, add some salt, a healthy splash of oil and bring to boil. Once boiling, add the fregole. Once cooked (should take 5 minutes), drain them and keep to a side.


Fregole reflective shot featured image final


Back to the frying pan, add more garlic and oil, add the peeled tomatoes, once cooked put all the seafood back into the frying pan including the remaining clam and mussel juice, then them mix together.


Add the drained fregole, mix together with the seafood sauce and serve!



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