Smoked Salmon Gnocchi recipe
Smoked Salmon Gnocchi 

Serves 2.

This is one of the first pasta dishes we ever learnt to make – taught to us by a very dear family member. We love it and are sure you will too!

Ideally if you can handmade the gnocchi yourself, this is the ideal scenario. If you have the time here is a great recipe to try. I have assumed however that for most of us it will not always be possible, so head to your favourite pasta merchant (there are some great options at local markets) and give this incredibly easy and delicious Smoked Salmon Gnocchi recipe a go.

This will become an absolute go-to!

JC x


1 pack of Gnocchi 

Cooking Oil

1 medium pack of smoked salmon (can be substituted for ocean trout)

1 medium sized brown onion

Truffle oil or powder – ½ teaspoon

1 small tub of cooking cream

Cracked Pepper


Put water for gnocchi on to boil. Finely chop the brown onion.


Add oil to hot frying pan (150 C) and add onion.


Once onions have browned, dice the salmon and fry together.


Once water has boiled, add gnocchi.


Add cream to onions and salmon in frying pan.


Strain gnocchi and set aside in a serving bowl.


Add truffle oil or powder to onions, cream and salmon. After 2 minutes add sauce to gnocchi, a nice sprinkling of cracked pepper, and lunch/dinner is served!


Smoked Salmon Gnocchi


Notes: There are many ingredients which can be chopped and changed and substituted here. Mushrooms are a beautiful addition, as well as herbs like dill, and paprika can be added instead of the Truffle oil. Fresh herbs like thyme or spring onions work well served fresh atop the gnocchi.


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