Plants on Pink 2Image by @mija_mija

If you are on Instagram and you haven’t stumbled upon the PlantsonPink account, coming across it was inevitable. PlantsonPink has been a refreshing find not only because it isolates nature in an online medium but because on some level it allows us to start taking notice of the beauty that surrounds us offline. In PlantsonPink you will see stunning images taken of plants on pink walls from all over the world.

In this Foodie Profile we chat with artist and founder of PlantsonPink, Lotte van Baalen. Lotte curates the PlantsonPink Instagram account selecting all the images that end up being featured. She shares how PlantsonPink came about, she shows us her favourite PlantsonPink uploads (all featured in this post), and tells us a little bit more about herself as well.

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1. Lotte, could you tell us about how and why you started PlantsonPink?

I started PlantsOnPink out of love for plants against a pink wall. I thought of it as highly aesthetic and simply wanted to share it with the world. And then it went fast: 10,000 followers in 4 months. PlantsOnPink is growing everyday!



Plants on Pink 1Image by @deluxefurnishings

2. What is it about the combination of ‘plants on pink’ versus any other colour?

I’ve always been over the moon for good colours and patterns. There’s something magical about the combination of green and pink. It really soothes me.

Plants on Pink 5Image by @colourwars

3. What are some of your favourite plants?

I love the monstera, fiddle leaf fig and banana plant. Also can’t enough of bird of paradise and of course all cacti and succulents.

Lotte by Marjolijn van DijkPlantsonPink founder, Lotte van Baalen – image by Marjolijn van Dijk



4. You are an artist in the Netherlands. Could you tell us about your work and what inspires you?

I’m very visually orientated. My inspiration comes from all ways of life. I love good colours, pattern and prints. I get incredibly inspired by fashion and powerful personalities. And how about art and literature! I’m quite the sports person and when I feel fit and well rested inspiration flows through me all day. My focus is directed mainly on PlantsOnPink these days.


5. What are some of your favourite Instagram accounts to follow?

I love to follow @trendland, @neuejournal and I find great pleasure in managing my personal account

Plants on Pink 4Image by @ohmynessa

6. Do you have any advice to impart on taking an engaging Instagram photo?

I’m looking for a certain simplicity, I only have one frame so it’s all about the plant and its background. The colours need to compliment each other, creating a serene atmosphere or just a pop of the screen.

 Plants on Pink 3Image by @hellosaratramp

7. For visitors to Holland, can you recommend any must see cities or spots?

Everyone should visit Utrecht. A great city, with a rich history and a very beautiful city center. You’ll find canals and that typically Dutch architecture. We have great museums and you’ll stumble over cute lunch spots, coffee spots and loads of design and vintage shops. It’s also where PlantsOnPink HQ is based!

8. Where do you see PlantsonPink going next?

I’m working on some very exciting projects,  so stay tuned!


Instagram: @PlantsonPink




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