YUME HOUR Melbourne Chefs with YUME APP Founder Katy Barfield, committed to YUME HOUR Sat March 5, 3pm to 4pmKaty Barfield – founder of the YUME App with some of Melbourne’s best chef talent


For longer time readers of DC, you will know I am very passionate about supporting social good and sustainability initiatives. Over the last few years I have observed with much interest and joy, the growing education around food waste, particularly in Melbourne and very soon we will also be playing our part at DC – so stay tuned!

In the meantime, if you are planning to eat out on Saturday March 5, then can I persuade you to support the following initiative instead.

This Saturday, Melbourne’s restaurant community will come together to show their support for the war against food waste by offering one dollar dishes exclusively via THE YUME APP.


Melbourne Chefs committed to YUME HOUR Sat March 5, 2016Some of Melbourne’s chefs involved in YUME HOUR this Saturday


This includes the participation of some of Melbourne’s best chefs including Jesse Gerner (Bomba, Green Park Dining, Anada), Guy Grossi (Grossi Florentino), Joe Grbac (St Crispin) and Alejandro Saravia (Pastuso) who will be posting a limited number of one dollar dishes on the app from 3pm to 4pm during “YUME HOUR”.

These are the some of the dishes you can expect:

Joe Grbac, St Crispin: salad of beetroot tops and bottoms, shaved carrot ends, roasted walnuts, celery juice;

Alejandro Saravia, Pastuso (2 dishes): Pastel Choclo: ‘Hearty’ South American Shepard’s Pie filled with slow cooked, smoked pork neck and alpaca heart, topped with sweet corn and potato off-cut puree  Peruvian Pudin: Bread crusts soaked in milk, currants and creme caramel topped with grated apple peel;

Jesse Gerner (Bomba/Green Park/Anada):  Bomba: Jamon croquetters made from jamon offcuts;

Chris Moran (San Telmo): (2 dishes): Sage and beef meatball with tomato sugo and polenta pecorino fries + Lamb, prosciutto and broccoli empanada; and,

Kam McManamey (Botherambo): Kaffir lime and coriander root sorbet.


To enjoy half-price surplus food from Melbourne’s top cafes and restaurants search and download YUME on Google Play, or App Store. All funds raised during YUME HOUR will be donated to Melbourne’s four main food rescue charities: OzHarvest, FareShare, Foodbank and SecondBite.


YUME HOUR Katy Barfield founder AND CEO of the YUME APP and Head Chef of St Crispin Joe GrbacKaty Barfield (YUME App Founder) and Chef Joe Grbac (St Crispin)


About YUME

YUME, a new Melbourne based app that aims to provide restaurants with an easy-to-use tool to either sell or donate their surplus food, is the brainchild of food waste warrior, Katy Barfield. The founding CEO of food rescue organisations SecondBite and founder of Australia’s first social wholesale fruit and veggie business Spade & Barrow, Katy hopes Melbourne – Australia’s culinary capital – will soon take the crown as the nation’s food-rescue capital.

Please get on board and support this fantastic initiative!

JC x


(Images provided by YUME)

Notes: Further information on the two events at this year’s MF&WF is available at www.melbournefoodandwine.com.au



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