WHERE CHEFS EAT flat cover
These days we are eager to try new restaurants based on credibility. Some of us read customer reviews ferociously, others rely on the words of food critics, and some prefer word of mouth; but there is one more category and it’s one we hold in high esteem, that of the food artists themselves..the Chefs.

Where Chefs Eat was a gift and one we treasure as foodies. It is a world first, a guide by over 400 of the world’s leading chefs like: Rene’ Redzepi, Fergus Henderson, Ben Shewry, Heston Blumenthal and more. Size wise it’s more of a bible (thank God for the iPhone and iPad app) but rightly so, it is filled with global recommendations from cheap eats to the fancier schmancier eateries. Not only do you get the names of these restaurants and cafe’s, you get tips on what to eat and when to go direct from some of the chefs themselves.

Where Chefs Eat is a must for travelling foodies, or a gift for the food lover in your life who is always on a mission to find the next best dish.



Website:More info here.

Notes: If you are on the go, get the Where Chefs Eat app, available on iPhone and iPad.