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NEWS: Now you can satisfy your waffle cravings almost every day of the week because our friends at Waffle Jolie have opened Le Jolie Cafe, a French cafe in Pascoe Vale. Expect to find their delicious waffles within their seasonal menu along with Tartine’s (French style open sandwiches), breakfast and lunch fare, as well as moorish treats ready to go like muffins, tarts, croissants and other delicious pastries. Their coffee is apparently also one of the best in the area, they use Colombian beans from a local micro roaster.


The great thing about market treats is that you can’t have them whenever you want (which is what we have all grown used to in this day and age). Instead, the anticipation allows you to enjoy your craving even more, like in the case of Waffle Jolie – a little gem of a food stall that travels around Melbourne.


Waffle and menu


As the name would infer, they specialise in the art of waffle making and couple Kathleen and Guy of Waffle Jolie make them fresh on the spot. We are not talking your average Belgian waffle either, they use only the finest products, are you ready? French vanilla from Madagascar, Cinnamon from Sri Lanka, free range eggs and beautiful pearl sugar from Belgium. This however is just the goodness on the inside, on the outside you can select a range of of toppings, including our favourite: melted Lindt dark chocolate with coconut and macadamia’s.


Waffle close up


Definitely not a treat for every day but one that you will treasure with the wait, every bite is incredible. Look out for Waffle Jolie at a market near you soon and indulge!




Trading hrs:  Mon – Tue: 7:00 am – 3:30 pm; Thu – Fri: 7:00 am – 3:30 pm; Sat – Sun: 8:00 am – 3:30 pm

Address: 438 Gaffney Street, Pascoe Vale

Ph: (03) 9379 9886

Website: http://www.lejoliecafe.com.au/

Instagram: @wafflejolie

Twitter: @Waffle_Jolie

Facebook: Le Jolie Cafe



Menu link: http://www.wafflejolie.com.au/menu/

Ph: Guy – 0406 027 064 or Kathleen – 0407 238 246

Website: http://www.wafflejolie.com.au/

Facebook: Waffle Jolie

Notes: Catering for functions available – have a waffle party!




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Please note that prices, menu items, management or trading hours may have varied since time of review. Our thoughts and opinions are based on our experience only.