Truffles up close at The Truffle Shuffle Image by Kristyna Hess


They call them black diamonds and with good reason. These earthy gemstones have been savoured by connoisseurs since antiquity. Their intense fragrance and flavour is unique and their addition to a meal raises it to sheer exquisiteness.

Every year South Melbourne Market collaborates with stallholders to bring us The Truffle Shuffle, a truffle appreciation festival held in the month of July. My friend Belinda and I were fortunate to “shuffle” last Saturday morning, and neither of us can think of a better way to have spent the start of our weekend. Here are some snapshots of the experience and some truffle recipes courtesy of the South Melbourne Market.
More information on how to go on your own Truffle Shuffle here.

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 Truffles up close at the Truffle Shuffle Image by Kristyna HessThese beauties greeted us on arrival at Georgie’s Harvest where The Truffle Shuffle experience begins. Alas, it was far beyond our budget. Image by Kristyna Hess.


 Georgie of Georgies Harvest Image by Kristyna HessThe famous Georgie of Georgie’s Harvest. Her effervescent personality is unforgettable. It’s no wonder she commands such loyal clientele. Image by Kristyna Hess.


The Truffle Wine Co Bag from Truffle Shuffle
The Truffle & Wine Co are based in Manjimup, Western Australia and cultivate black winter truffles. They supply Georgie’s Harvest with black truffles through distributor, Friend & Burrell. Image by Alisia Romanin.


Truffle being grated at The Truffle Shuffle Image by Kristyna Hess
Grating fresh truffles onto the brie. Image by Kristyna Hess.


Freshly made truffle brie at The Truffle Shuffle Image by Kristyna Hess
Freshly made truffle brie. Image by Kristyna Hess.


Freshly made truffle brie at The Truffle Shuffle by Kristyna Hess
A wee morsel to whet our tastebuds – freshly made truffle brie.
Image by Kristyna Hess.


Simon Friend of Friend and Burrell Truffle Shuffle by Kristyna Hess

Simon Friend of Friend & Burrell, suppliers of premier truffles, caviar, saffron and Spanish ham, was on hand to answer all our truffle related questions. Image by Kristyna Hess.

Lunch courtesy of Claypots Evening Star Truffle Shuffle Time for lunch courtesy of Claypots Evening Star. Just the thing for a chilly winter morning; a steaming bowl of truffle infused seafood chowder. Image by Alisia Romanin.


Truffle Shuffle bounty
How spoilt!! Our bounty all laid out – all the ingredients we needed to create our own truffle feast and then some. Thank you to Georgie’s Harvest, Aptus Seafood, Moses & Co Market Wholefoods and South Melbourne Market Organics for all this delicious produce. Image by Alisia Romanin.


Truffle recipes Grilled Scallops with truffle butter
Grilled Scallops and Truffle Butter. Flavours to die for. See recipe below. Image supplied by South Melbourne Market.


Grilled Scallops and Truffle Butter

Fresh truffle
2 cloves of garlic
3 tablespoons of olive oil
4 scallops in shells
125g salted butter

Clean and cut cloves of garlic into thin (half a matchstick width) pieces and put aside.

Gently warm and melt the butter. Don’t let it get too hot.

Shave truffle into the butter and set aside.

Bring a second pan to high heat, drizzle in 1 1/2 tablespoons of olive oil.
Add the garlic and cook until just golden brown.

Add the cooked garlic to the butter and truffle mix.

Sear and cook the scallops on high temperature for no more than 35 seconds per side.

Place the scallops back on their shells.

Drizzle the truffle butter mix over the scallops.

Serve and enjoy!

Notes: The butter mix can be used to drizzle over crushed, roasted potatoes.


Delicious baked camembert with honey, walnuts, herbs and pears

Runny Cheese and Truffle Bake. Image supplied by South Melbourne Market.


Runny Cheese and Truffle Bake

Fresh truffle
Wheel of brie or camembert (100g per person)
Crusty bread

Preheat oven to 180 degrees.

Remove cheese from packaging, turn on its side and slice in half creating two wheels.

Place one wheel skin down and shave truffle onto the exposed cheese covering the entire wheel evenly.

Place the second wheel back on top, recreating the original wheel.

Place the cheese onto a small dish and into the hot oven.

Turn the temperature down to 120 degrees and leave in for 6-8 minutes, until the cheese is just runny.

Slice or break the bread into pieces.

Serve alongside the cheese – dip in and enjoy!


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