ABYSSINIAN CURRIES PIC POSTThe Chef’s Combination at The Abyssinian

Travel to Kensington, and you’ve saved yourself the trouble of going to the horn of Africa. At The Abyssinian, discover the flavoursome delights of Eritrean and Ethiopian food just a few suburbs away from the CBD.

All main dishes are served on the traditional Injera bread, an airy sourdough type pancake made with self raising rice, red sorghum and corn flours which is absolutely delicious and the perfect way to wrap every morsel. And don’t mind your hands this cuisine was made to be devoured by dextrous finger tips. This style of eating African is almost a novelty for us as Westerners, so it is the source of conversation and entertainment while eating, it also makes you feel transported elsewhere.

The Abyssinian 2Generous mounds of the Chef’s lamb, veggie, seafood and poultry combination being prepared for us

The Eritrean menu at the Abyssinian caters for everyone from meat eaters to vegetarians, people with small and large appetites, coeliacs and those that are dairy intolerant. There are hearty curries, salads and stews but if you are indecisive, your best option and our personal favourite, is the Chef’s combination (pictured); you get to try a range of curries and dishes all served on a huge continent of Injera.

The Abyssinian has a lovely calm atmosphere with kind, charming staff and is best experienced in a group so that you can share all of their wonderfully spiced and flavourful dishes together.

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Trading hrs: Monday – Saturday 5.30pm – 10pm

Menu link: http://www.theabyssinian.com.au/menus.php

Bookings: Available.

Address: 277 Racecourse Road, Kensington

Ph: 9376 8754

Website: http://www.theabyssinian.com.au

Coffee: Try their Ethipiopian ‘Sidamo’ Coffee.

Must try: The Chef’s lamb, veggie, seafood and poultry combination – a great way to try the best of all worlds (roughly $25 per person.)

Notes: BYO wine only (corkage $8 per bottle.)



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