COOKIE STIR FRIED PORK BELLY FEATURED(Stir fried pork belly with red curry, green peppercorns, kaffir lime and green beans)

We all know it and we all love it, but sometimes we forget about it: Cookie, is a real treat in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. Situated in Curtin House, it is also the same building that houses Melbourne’s open air Rooftop Cinema and Bar, as well as swanky The Toff in Town (all great options too), but Cookie is a great place to start your night, be it for a cocktail or dinner before mischief beckons.


When you walk into Cookie the atmosphere is unique and contagious, people abuzz, drinks, laughter and Oriental scents bubbling from the kitchen. That’s not to say you can’t go during the day, Cookie serves lunch, dinner, and snacks until late and there is a certain charm about it during daylight.

Cookie salad

We have been going to Cookie for years (probably more than a decade), and in that time their gorgeous Thai food, service and good times have not wained. The menu is fantastic and filled with options, with a formidable list of small to medium and large dishes, and dessert depending on your appetite and food sharing preferences. If you’re perched at the bar, there is a bar menu as well with a range of snack food and morsels to keep you going between drinks.


We absolutely recommend the Betel Bliss Bombs, Roti to share, Stir fried Pork Belly, all the salads are full of flavour, the deep fried snapper with bok choy and tamarind (featured above) is also lovely, but one of their signature dishes is the lamb and eggplant curry (incredible!). There are also plenty of options for vegetarians too.

Go for one meal or drink and you’ll definitely be back again, just don’t leave it too late because seats aren’t easy to come by if you don’t book or arrive super early.


Trading hrs: 12pm – 1am Sunday – Thursday, 12pm – 3am Friday – Saturday

Menu link: Cookie’s Eating House

Bookings: Recommended (it is always busy!)

Address: First Floor Curtin House – 252 Swanston St, City

Ph: 9663 7660


Twitter: @Cookiebeerhall 

Facebook: Cookie 

Coffee: Available, the Espresso Martini’s are even better.

Must try: Betel Bliss Bombs ($14.50), the Mussels steamed with ginger, lime, lemongrass, chilli and coriander ($18.50 for 1/2 kilo and $28.50 for 1kg), Stir fried pork belly with red curry, green peppercorns, kaffir lime and green beans ($24.50), and the Penang Lamb and Eggplant Curry ($25.50).

Notes: This place rarely settles, so if you’d like to enjoy the food go during the day after lunch hours or early for dinner. Friday and Saturday nights are tricky to get in depending on what time security starts manning the ground floor, get there early to bypass the door men and avoid disappointment when crowd control is put into place (remember the building also houses two other bars.)



South Geelong VIC 3220, Australia


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Please note that prices, menu items, management or trading hours may have varied since time of review. Our thoughts and opinions are based on our experience only.