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Sydney Clean Eats

A little directory on where to ‘eat clean’ in Sydney

In our Sydney Clean Eats guide, we point you towards some of Sydney’s best spots to get a good ‘clean eats’ feed. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or following a gluten free or refined sugar free diet you’ll be spoilt for choice with plentiful clean eating options across the city.


Earth to Table, 85 Bronte Rd, Bondi Junction 

This charming restaurant that adapted its design to its purpose offers some of the most delicious healthy meals made with great organic ingredients. All the food on their menu is raw, gluten-free, dairy-free, wheat-free, and sugar-free. One of their finest meals on offer is the pesto pasta with zucchini linguini, and their delicious guilt-free deserts.


Agape Organic Food Sydney Clean Eats Image credit: Agape Organic


Agape Organic, 1385 Botany Rd, Botany

Not everything has to be vegetarian to be a part of the clean eating program. This restaurant and bar stands out for the wide array of tapas, pastas, pizzas and other conventional dishes prepared in a healthier way, such as spelt pizza or quinoa anellini pasta.


Pilgrims, various locations including 97 Gerrale St, Cronulla

We often say that an unhealthy diet is a result of our hasty life pace, but what if not all fast food was bad and you could actually eat healthily on-the-go? At this industrially designed fast food restaurant, you can do just that with a delicious vegetarian menu which includes Freshly squeezed juices, hearty salads and delicious veggie burgers.


Lentil as Anything, 391 King St, Newtown 

A fascinating restaurant, not only because of its tasty clean eating food, which includes various vegan and vegetarian dishes such as potato masala, tomato chutney and mushroom and lentil burgers, but also because of its interesting pricing system. At Lentil as Anything, customers pay as much as they think their meal is worth, or as much as they can afford.


The Catering Project Sydney Clean EatsImage credit: Catering Project


Catering Project, Sydney CBD

It’s great to see that healthy food is also offered by many catering companies in Sydney, not only by restaurants and bars. Catering Project has a wellness project which consists of many delicious collections, including a breakfast pot collection, snack collection, smoothie collection and salad collection. So the next time you throw a party, think again when you think you have no options other than mini pizzas and tacos.


Orchard St Elixir Bar Sydney Clean EatsImage credit: Orchard Street Elixir Bar


Orchard Street Elixir Bar, various locations including Bondi Junction

Orchard Street’s exterior is just as fabulous as its interior, and its holistic offerings which include raw meals, herbal elixirs, anti-inflammatory dishes, kombucha on tap, booster shots, and delicious raw sweet treats. Meals can be packed up to be taken to the beach (a stone’s throw away), work or home.


Nourishing Quarter, 315 Cleveland St, Redfern

With the interior of a pub and the exterior of a second-hand street store, Nourishing Quarter is a perfect get-together place for clean eaters. The menu is a mixture of Vietnamese and South American cuisine, and the meals are free of gluten, dairy and refined sugar. The place is known for many meals, but one of their most well known ones is The Sweet Angel Wraps with marinated tofu and sweet kumara noodles. The prices are very reasonable, especially given the fact the servings are quite generous.


Gigi Pizzeria Sydney Clean EatsImage credit: Gigi Pizzeria


Gigi Pizzeria, 379 King St, Newtown

Who says pizza can’t be healthy and delicious at the same time? Newtown’s Gigi Pizzeria has a plant-based menu, so besides not serving pizza with pepperoni and other meats, the pizza here is served without cheese as well. The interesting menu includes Patate (potatoes) with black truffle pate’ and rosemary, and Cavolo (cabbage) with pine nuts, artichokes, cauliflower puree, and garlic.


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