Lamb and Beef ribs at Ribs and Burgers


Wow. Rib and Burger lovers I am going to say that this place is up there. A friend of mine kept raving about their Northcote restaurant, and apart from that the name (Ribs and Burgers) sounded like it had some meat to it (pardon the pun).


Serviettes Ribs and Burgers


Not too long after these praises my friends took me for a Ribs and Burgers experience, it was incredible! I have since been back several times and the ribs and burgers never change, they just stay just as delicious.


Trio of Burgers at Ribs and Burgers(The Ribs and Burgers Trio of Burger’s – and apologies evidence of some wolfed down ribs in the back there)

Lamb ribs at Ribs and Burgers(The Lamb Ribs solo)

What to order? To be honest, I cannot stray away from the lamb ribs (the basting is special), the burger trio (I would suggest sharing this) and a decent helping of the Ribs and Burgers fries, which are delicious. The regular beef burger is also excellent as are the beef ribs but this is obviously a personal choice.


Ribs and Burgers Crispy Chicken Wings with BBQ sauce(Ribs and Burgers’ Crispy Chicken Wings with BBQ sauce)


They also serve steaks, wings, and salads and the burger options are quite extensive, there is also a menu for the little ones. On another note, the décor is impressive – not what you might expect for a place called Ribs and Burgers. There’s plenty of space and it’s a great low-key choice for a quick sit down bite to eat. Cannot rave about it enough!

JC. xx



Trading hrs:  See website for details.

Bookings: Unavailable.

Address: 1/862 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn and 96/8 Breavington Way, Northcote


Facebook: Ribs & Burgers

Instagram: @ribsandburgers

Must try: The lamb ribs – unbelievable, the fries and the burger trio (for those that can’t decide).

Notes: Ribs and Burgers is a great option for a casual dinner or lunch with family and friends.



Please note that menu items, management or trading hours may have varied since time of review. Our thoughts and opinions are based on our experience only.