baget-bahnmi(Ba’get Bahn Mi – Image by Amy Martin)


When someone says Vietnamese food, what’s the first thought that comes to mind?? Pho or Bahn Mi would surely be top of the list.

What about Spicy Beef Stew?  Didn’t think so! That’s exactly what our host Duy Huynh created for us at his restaurant Ba’get this week. Bo Kho (Spicy Beef Stew) is a time honoured family recipe and not only contains flavours that are synonymous with Vietnamese cuisine, but also a few surprising (secret) ingredients as well.



baget-mybahnmi(Images by Amy Martin)


Ba’get opened on Russell St six weeks ago and specialises in Bahn Mi – also known as the Vietnamese roll. Duy and his family have been in the hospitality trade for more than 20 years, so while Ba’get is a fresh face, there’s plenty of experience in the kitchen and behind the scenes.

So we were thrilled when Duy invited us to an intimate evening of cocktails and cooking demonstrations to celebrate the launch of Ba’get’s new winter (Mua Dong) menu. While we nibbled on pork and taro spring rolls, and sipped our first of three delicious Vietnamese inspired cocktails – Mekong Breeze – Duy talked us through a host of spices used in Vietnamese cooking. There was even a bit of audience participation in grinding the spices and coating the beef. Then the beef was stirfried and left to slow cook while we had a Bahn Mi tasting, and then embarked on preparing our own!

Needless to say, our efforts weren’t quite as pretty as the mini baguettes prepared by Duy’s team, but they were delicious all the same. Duy prides himself on the best quality ingredients including a range of house-made charcuterie, grilled meats, pickled vegetables and pate’ – so we had plenty of delicious options to choose from.


baget-cocktails(Ba’get’s Peaceful Dragon Cocktail – Image by Amy Martin)


Cocktail number two – Peaceful Dragon – was a excellent match for the Bahn Mi: Gin with lychee, lemongrass and chilli, yum!

Once the Bo Kho was ready, we were all served individual hearty bowls accompanied by crusty, fresh baked bread that Duy informed us “is baked every hour”. These baguettes make the perfect friend for all the delicious spicy sauce that Bo Kho is made of – this is soup and bread the Vietnamese way!


baget-beefstew(Ba’get’s Bo Kho Beef Stew – Image by Amy Martin)


Just as our tummies were bulging, and we thought we couldn’t fit any more in, our nightcap was delivered. The third and final cocktail of the night which Duy calls Chai Dreaming. Duy makes this with his very own blend of Chai spices and a dash of brandy – totally indulgent but a perfect finish to an evening of winter warmers.




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