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When I’m not on Instagram or Facebook, I’ll only be in one other ‘place’ and that’s Pinterest. An ode to one of the social mediums substituting real life, this is the second in a number of Pinterest round ups where I’ll share some of the pins we are loving on the Decisive Cravings Pinterest account.

The focus of this collection is from our Pinterest Ceramics board. This is the folder where we ‘collect’ images of ceramics and pottery pieces that have caught our attention. Think beautiful textures, bright and soft colours, clean and sometimes unclean lines. See a sneak peek of some of our favourites below and for more head over to our Pinterest page here.

JC x

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Pinterest Ceramics and Pottery
Article Name
Pinterest Ceramics and Pottery
Beautiful textures, bright and soft colours, clean and sometimes unclean lines - here are some of our favourite images of ceramics and pottery across Pinterest.