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A dear friend of mine works as an English Professor at a Middle School in Seoul. About a month ago he took to Facebook to share an album of what lunch everyday for almost three weeks looks at his school’s canteen.

Despite the subject of his upload being food, it was probably one of the most interesting posts I’ve seen in a long time, the repetition of the lunches juxtaposed with colour and culinary variation, so different from the lunches I grew up with or eat still.

With his permission I am sharing some of my favourites from his Seoul lunch boxes which he documented for over 20 days. You’ll see protein, soups, stews, fruit and staples like Kim Chi and rice.

If you like what you see I may get him to show us what breakfast over that side of the world looks like too. Nonetheless I am glad the school chef is making sure he is checking off all his food groups and colouring his plate. Enjoy!

JC x


Day 2

Day 10


Day eight


Day eleven


Day fifteen

Day five


Day four


Day fourteen

Day one


Day seventeen


Day six


Day sixteen


Day thirteen


Day three



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