Locavore Restaurant Ubud herbed brioche crouton, beef lard and Beef (from Malang) served raw
Following a very strong recommendation from my sister whose opinion I value highly and that of her boyfriend who is an experienced Chef, I decided to treat myself on my latest trip to Bali by booking in a lunch degustation at Locavore in Ubud.  To be honest I have been straying away from experimental/fine dining the last few years due to the price vs. experience not quite matching up. So when the first ‘dish’ served to me in my five course degustation at Locavore was a flash fried delicate green leaf carefully placed on a wooden plate I almost ran. As I sat through my two and a half hour meal, the leaf I realised was just one of countless offerings, and edible chains if you will that introduced and connected each course.


Locavore Restaurant Ubud Interior
The natural and minimalist interior at Locavore


My entire experience at Locavore lived well up to the expectations sown by my sister and her boyfriend. I was constantly surprised and delighted, particularly as the quantity of food offered (beyond what I thought was included in the five courses) almost rivalled my Mother’s usual spread at Christmas. The food just kept coming out in a long and slow trickle but unlike my Mother’s filling Christmas banquets I left Locavore feeling satisfied but not needing a five hour nap to recuperate.To give you an accurate snapshot of my experience I have listed each course including the ‘edible chains’ between them, below:

Locavore Restaurant Ubud Crispy amaranth leaf in Balinese style batter

Crispy amaranth leaf in Balinese style batter and grilled green asparagus in eatable soil (edible chain)

Locavore Ubud Asinan Bogor

Asinan Bogor (pickled fruits from Bogor – West Java), another edible chain

Locavore Ubud Bloody Mary sorbet

Bloody Mary sorbet, warm tomato consomme, cherry tomato, celery leaves with infused sea salt

Locavore Ubud house made bread

House made bread with condiments (edible chain)

Locavore Ubud Beef (from Malang) served raw

Beef (from Malang) served raw with wasabi leaf mayonnaise, pickled shallots, bawang goreng, shaved radishes, herbed brioche crouton and beef lard (this entire dish was just magical!)

Locavore Ubud Langoust from Tabanan West Bali

Langoust from Tabanan, West Bali, blanched in sea water, poached in cacao butter infused with vanilla, clam foam with langoust roe, cauliflower mousseline, shaved cauliflower, reduction from tangerine and vanilla

Locavore Ubud Sea bass a la meuniere

Sea bass a la meuniere, four different beans (wild soy, edamame, kidney and red beans), chicken jus infused with thyme leaves, abalone served raw and topped with chervil leaves

Locavore Ubud pork, broccoli creme, green pepper corn sauce, pommes dauphine, nasturtium leaves, broccoli stems in shallot vinaigrette, caramelized apple puree

Two daily changing preparations of pork with broccoli cream, green pepper corn sauce, pommes dauphine, nasturtium leaves, broccoli stems in shallot vinaigrette and a caramelised apple puree

Mango sorbet with Locavore Ubud yoghurt foam in fused with clovesMango sorbet with yoghurt foam infused with cloves (edible chain)

Locavore Ubud Warm bitter chocolate mousse

Warm bitter chocolate mousse, slightly salty chocolate sable, mangosteen sorbet, chocolate tulle and chocolate mint leaves

Locavore Ubud Friandises madeleine with sauce anglaise infused with kemangi leaves fresh lychee from Payangan and canele
Friandises: madeleine with sauce anglaise infused with kemangi leaves, fresh lychee from Payangan and canele (edible chain)

Locavore Ubud Friandises cinnamon and potato donutsFriandises continued…Cinnamon and potato donuts (also an edible chain)

Dining at Locavore was a real highlight experience for me and I was tempted to re-book in again within a few days but got sick (unrelated to my eating there). If you are planning to visit Bali I would highly recommend you go out of your way to eat here. The food design and quality is excellent, the service is great, the atmosphere is unpretentious and the value for money is incredible, just over $60 Australian dollars including a mocktail and espresso – you would be looking to pay up to three times as much for its equivalent in Australia. On top of that you are eating at a restaurant that is committed to using almost 100% local and fresh seasonal produce (hence the name Locavore), in turn supporting local farmers and communities.

Before dining at Locavore there are a few things to be aware of 1) Time – allow yourself a good 2-3 hours to really make the most of the experience,  2) Menu – two menus are offered for both lunch and dinner sittings: Carnivore or Herbivore, and can be combined in both 5 courses and 7 courses, 3) Bookings – dinners book out here a good two to three weeks in advance so plan and book ahead. Lunches are your best option with slightly lower book out rates between one and one and a half weeks. When you confirm your booking you have to provide your credit card details and if you cancel less than 14 hours prior to your booking you will be charged the fee of your meal.
Enjoy and please let me know about your Locavore experience!

JC x

P.s – Read about my most recent visit to Locavore here.


Trading hrs: Lunch/ Tuesdays to Saturdays 12 – 2:30pm, and Dinner/ Mondays to Saturdays 6:30 – 10pm.

Bookings: Available by phone, email or via the website.

Address: 10 Jalan Dewi Sita, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Ph: +62 361 977733

Website: http://locavore.co.id

Instagram: @restaurantlocavore

Facebook: Restaurant Locavore

Must try: The Malang beef served raw with herbed brioche crouton and beef lard. An absolute stand out and a perfect combination of flavours.

Notes: Every Monday the kitchen changes a few (three or four) dishes to keep things interesting and fresh, as well as a few small updates throughout the week.

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Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia


Disclaimer: Please note that prices, menu items, management or trading hours may have varied since time of review. Our thoughts and opinions are based on our experience only.