DC Instagram ScreenshotInstagram has become one of my most obsessive addictions as of late. It’s basically the first and last thing I do each day and there is nothing I love more than finding amazing accounts around the world. There are some incredibly talented people expressing their creativity in the most engaging ways.

Just like our Link Love series, Insta Inspo is the same concept but on Instagram; a round up of people we are following whose photos we look forward to seeing in our feed.

This instalment is all about our Favourite Foodies on Insta, which we will update regularly as we discover ‘new talent’. In time, stay tuned for Insta Inspo instalments covering all themes (not just food), and if you’re not following us on Instagram you can (if you like) @decisivecravings. See you there!


P.s – want to recommend an Instagram account for us to feature in Insta Inspo? Drop us a line at info@decisivecravings.com.au


Food Stories Instagram screenshot(The Foodstories Instagram feed)


A food stylist and photographer based in Berlin that curate stunning story based images about food and recipes they make. Check out their site.

 Top with Cinnamon Instagram screenshot(The Top with Cinnamon Instagram feed)

Top with Cinnamon

It is hard to believe that an 18 year old is a soon to be published author baking these incredible treats. Great photography and recipes, she even has her own hashtag: #topwithcinnamon. For more you can also check out her site which includes her beautiful recipes.


Julia Ostro Instagram screenshot(Julia Ostro’s Instagram feed)

Julia Ostro

A Melbourne based lady that loves to cook and document produce, and the food at her table. From what we can see she can bake a mean cake too! Follow her love of food and recipes here.



Linda Lomelino Instagram screenshot(Linda Lomelino’s Instagram feed)

Linda Lomelino

Linda Lomelino is kind of like foodie royalty on Instagram. She is a Swedish based Photographer and Stylist who loves to bake and I literally like every photo she uploads. Every image is beautiful, tells a story, is colourful and has a mood. I have seen many images inspired by her, dedicated to her and some try to replicate her…unsuccessfully. If you fall in love with her account you can see more of her work on her website!


Sundayflk Instagram screenshot(The SundayFlk Instagram feed)


Beautifully shot images of a vegan baker’s wonderful treats. Lots of colours, cupcakes and cake.




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