Safari Living Decisive cravings Iced Mint and Ginger tea recipe(Image credit to Safari Living)

Ginger, Mint and Coconut Iced Tea

Makes 1 x 750ml bottle


A great iced tea in summer is as up there for me as homemade lemonade. They are easy to make and experiment with and extremely refreshing. Great to take to picnics, or when you are on the go at work.


625ml of brewed Mint tea

125ml CAPI Ginger beer

5-6 teaspoons of coconut sugar


Brew the Mint Tea and allow it to cool.

Add the ginger beer and coconut sugar to your favourite water jug or glass bottle.

Once the Mint Tea has cooled down pour it into the jug/bottle.

Stir the tea, ginger beer and coconut sugar together (if you are using a bottle, put the cap back on and roll the bottle around for a few seconds); then pop the bottle in the fridge and it will be cool and ready to serve within an hour!


This gorgeous recipe featured as part of the ‘Summer Kitchen’ in collaboration with Safari Living, check it out on their blog here.