Lucy Folk stripey lookaway(Image supplied by Lucy Folk)

1.  Your jewellery is undoubtedly inspired by food. Can you tell us more about this passion, and how it has influenced your work?

I was brought up in a household where food and creativity were equally celebrated hence I guess I’ve always strove to fuse these two loves and give food a new context – the body!

I was initially inspired by childhood memories of playing behind the scenes of my father’s restaurants where I made macaroni necklaces and hung cherries off my ears, but over the past few years, since I’ve been travelling more and more for work overseas – I have developed a fascination for and gain inspiration from art, different cultures, food, wine, music and unique surroundings.

From this the brand has developed into a global one – taking reference and relevance from some of my favourite places on earth!

I am a self-confessed foodie and global traveller, therefore I explore the notion of food as adornment, terming it ‘wearable food’.


2. Describe the attributes/personality of the type of girl that wears your jewellery. 

I would describe the Lucy Folk girl a little something like this: Young at heart, armed with an infectious sense of humour, imaginative, inventive and wildly creative, the girl who is an aficionado of Lucy Folk is a little left of centre and an independent thinker.

She appropriates her own sense of style and is essentially driven by individuality and the need to do things in her own way, in her own time.

Culturally aware, she loves the blending of creative fields, avoiding the mainstream and is forever inspired and inspiring.


Lucy Folk with art image(Image supplied by Lucy Folk)


3. Can you name some of your favourite food spots or meals in Melbourne?

I love all of Andrew McConnell’s restaurants. Currently Supernormal Canteen in my pick. Cafe Di Stasio is another favourite for a special occasion. Also Neapoli, The City Wine Shop and The European.


4. Do you cook and if so, what is your signature dish? 

I certainly do – when I have the time!!! And if I don’t I am lucky enough that my husband Charlie shares this duty. My signature dish currently is a smoked trout salad with steamed broccolini and asparagus, raw grated zucchini, sliced radish, a handful of red and white quinoa, lemon zest, half an avocado, a bunch of raw finely sliced bok choy, half a red onion. To make the dressing mix a tablespoon of chopped capers, a tablespoon of horseradish, finely chopped dill, olive oil, dijon mustard and white vinegar. MMMM I like to keep things clean and healthy at home and as its summer nothing beats a delicious salad full of nice organic veggies!


Lucy Folk colourful Jacket(Image supplied by Lucy Folk)


5. Which pieces have been your favourite from your collections to date? 

There are so many to be honest. But most recently these would have to be my staples


Lucy Folk_AllSorts_necklace(‘Lime Splice Necklace‘ – image supplied by Lucy Folk)


Lucy Folk_Pizza jewellery 2

(‘Dough Cuff’ – image supplied by Lucy Folk)

Lucy Folk_Pizza jewellery(‘Shroom Earrings‘ – image supplied by Lucy Folk)



6. What can we expect to see next on the Lucy Folk Jewellery menu? 

Right now I am super busy with getting ready for an upcoming trip to NYC and Paris where I will be showing my SS14 (for the southern hemisphere) collection APPETEASER – its a salute to my past but a big step forward for the brand in that I think the designs have a slightly more sophisticated bent to them this season……think lots of decadence, champagne and laughter!




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