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Easter Recipes

Here find our little collection of Easter recipes from across the Decisive Cravings site. Enjoy these four easy recipes for sweet tooths to bake during the Easter season. 



Sardinian Ricotta Tarts (Pardulas) by Sabina Ledda

Pardulas are a Sardinian ricotta filled tart laced with sultanas and orange rind – though recipes vary across the island. They are traditionally eaten at Easter picnics, and are sweet little bites of joy.


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Easter Paska (Паска) Bread recipe by Olesia Chernov

This is a special recipe for an Easter bread, baked during Orthodox Easter. You can make them sweeter by adding a glaze of sugar icing, or simply eat them plain with cheese and sausage.


Easter Eggs Recipe coated three

Easter eggs recipe

These raw Easter eggs are made by combining a mixture of raw ingredients and dipping them in a chocolate ganache. Their egg shape make them a bit of a novelty to make at Easter.


Hot Cross Buns recipe baked portrait

Hot Cross Buns recipe

The classic Easter treat! This Hot Cross Buns recipe is a great one for those who don’t like peel or candied fruit.