Cecilia Fox Melanie front on by Eve Wilson(Image by Eve Wilson)

Melanie Stapleton is a florist, and the owner of Cecilia Fox in East Brunswick. Her team’s creations are truly stunning and they have floralised (new word I know) many incredible weddings and events (and my 30th – lol). We chatted to Melanie about how she started, whether ‘flower walls’ post the ‘Kimye’ wedding have become a thing, her favourite local cafe’s and more.

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Cecilia Fox Hydrangeas in basin by Eve Wilson(Image by Eve Wilson)


1. Tell us a bit about your journey as a florist up until now.

I started floristry fresh out of school at 16, working in a suburban Auckland florist sweeping floors and making coffees. After learning the basics I moved onto bigger and brighter things working in Europe and London, and moving to Melbourne in 2003. I worked for lots of reputable florists around Melbourne before starting Cecilia Fox. It was a slow process where I worked part-time while setting my business up. Weddings and events have always been our main focus until last year when we opened up our little shop in East Brunswick, which we love. 


2. Could you share the inspiration behind the business name Cecilia Fox?

The name Cecilia Fox is a dual homage that pays tribute to both of my grandmothers – Cecilia belonging to my paternal grandmother, and Fox being my maternal grandmother’s surname.


Cecilia Fox The Smith(The dahlia and gum posies the girls at Cecelia Fox helped me put together for my 30th)


3. You and your team make all sorts of gorgeous creations. Could you share some of your favourite projects so far? 

Our favourite project of last year was working with Gloss Creative (our all time favourite collaborates) working on the Myer Birdcage Marquee for the VRC. Our brief was ‘new’ Australian, it was such a challenging brief: Australiana without the kitsch. Weddings are always a pleasure to be involved with; we love taking the time to get to know our brides and grooms and create something that encapsulates their individual taste and style.


Cecilia Fox at market by Eve Wilson (Image by Eve Wilson)


4. What things inspire your work on a daily basis?

Seasons and nature are a constant inspiration. Followed closely by contemporary art and design. We are so lucky to have a rich diverse group of friends in Melbourne who are so talented and inspiring.


Cecilia Fox Melanie tying flowers by Eve Wilson(Image by Eve Wilson)


5. Do you have any tips for styling/using flowers when entertaining?

Always work with a season! Bare in mind fragrance, colours and the overall vibe you are hoping to create for your guests.


6. Your beautiful store is in East Brunswick – which are your favourite café’s in the area?

We love our neighbours and great friends, New Day Rising for always providing us with the most delicious bagels and coffee. It’s our home away from home. Milkwood for the best sweet afternoon pick me up or a lunch with friends.


 Cecilia Fox Flora by Eve Wilson(Image by Eve Wilson)


7. What are the biggest trend requests at the moment – any ‘Kimye’ flower walls?

Hanging installations seem to be the flavour of the day at the moment and there is a real trend towards looser, bigger more natural floral arrangements.


8. What are your number one flowers of all time, and which do you think are the most underrated? 

Number one flower of all time is violet. Subtlety, fragrance and naivety all contribute to my love of them as well as lily of valley. They also happen to be underrated due to their size, people often feel they aren’t getting their value for money.



Website: http://www.ceciliafox.com.au/

Instagram: @ceciliafox 

Pinterest: Cecilia Fox

Facebook: Cecilia Fox



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