Banana Smoothie with Buttermilk

Banana Smoothie with Buttermilk

Serves 1-2

This is a wonderfully simple recipe that embraces the amazing ingredient that is buttermilk, an excellent ingredient in pancakes too. The addition of banana, strawberries, passionfruit and yoghurt make for a perfect summertime combination. Enjoy!

JC x

1 banana, chopped 

The pulp of one passionfruit

5 small strawberries, chopped – or a handful of frozen mixed berries

5 tablespoons of 5am Honey Cinnamon Yoghurt

1 tablespoon of honey

½ a cup of Pulp free orange juice

300mls of Buttermilk


Banana Smoothie with Buttermilk

Add the fruit, orange juice, buttermilk and yoghurt and zap for a good 30 seconds or until the fruit is blended to your liking. And done – your fresh, fruity buttermilk smoothie is ready to be devoured. Of course add more fruit, yoghurt or honey to taste.


Remember when serving, split a small strawberry and slip it on the side of your glass – it will make you feel like you’re drinking up a little bit of summer!


Notes: Flavour is different for everyone, so tailor the smoothie to your liking by adding different fruits, yoghurt, juices or spices like cinnamon. This is a great one to perfect for summer time entertaining!