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Travel: A Weekend in Sydney

Some things to eat and do

Sydney is challenging to talk about as a Melbournian. You want to be able to remain unbiased and judge the city on its merits without thinking about how it differs from home. I will never say that Sydney is better than Melbourne but I won’t underrate my feelings for it either. I love Sydney. The weather for the most part is warm and balmy, the accessible harbour and beach views are always a stunning welcome, as are the frangipani and Jacaranda tree-lined streets. I also very much love Sydney’s multiculturally diverse and solid food culture.

On my most recent visit to Sydney I finally got to a few places on my list and as always, discovered a surprise or two. It’s a big city, there’s so much to see but if you’re just spending a day or two, here is a small selection of things I recommend you eat and do, including some classics.

JC xx




1 Notts Avenue, Bondi Beach

The iconic image of the Icebergs pool and Bondi beach vista is as iconic as the Sydney Harbour Bridge or the Sydney Opera House. The location is exquisite but so is the Italian food at this beautiful venue. Icebergs is a pre-requisite for any visit to Sydney, even if you stop of a coffee and take in the view (and get your postcard picture).


Various locations including 359 Crown St, Surry Hills

Bill Granger’s cafe’s which started in Sydney, can now be found around the world including Tokyo and Seoul (which I’ve visited), to name a few. I highly recommend the signature ricotta hotcakes with honeycomb butter, the full Aussie breakfast or the corn fritters.


A Weekend in Sydney Bourke St Bakery



Bourke St Bakery

Various locations including 633 Bourke St, Surry Hills

Bourke St Bakery is a gluten institution and a must-visit for lovers of good bread, baked goods, hearty sandwiches, and lots of sweets and treats. I love the tiny, original location at Bourke St. Go early if you can and be prepared to wait in line – and do some elbowing once you actually step inside. There’s a limited seating area available outside, so if you’re in a pair or a small group, get your friends to grab a spot first or simply take away.


A Weekend in Sydney Cremeria De Luca shop


A Weekend in Sydney Cremeria De Luca Nutella Granita closeup


Cremeria De Luca

84 Ramsey Road, Five Dock

The last time I visited the De Luca’s was at their gelateria in Leichardt. So for a few years now I’ve been building patience in anticipation for my next visit to their new dessert bar. All the while I was being taunted by their delectable images on social media flaunting their gelato burgers here, and their Nutella arancini there.

Put simply, the wait was worth it. Their newest location at Five Dock has the same homely feel of their former gelateria but is the new and improved version. The thing I love the most about Cremeria De Luca is their no bs policy. They don’t need to rely on fancy names or outrageous concoctions that brutalise and dishonour culinary traditions, instead they modernise them with integrity and elegance. Unfortunately I could not maintain the same composure when eating my Nutella Granita and panna. I overzealously dipped my brioche in to the Granita to maximise surface area coverage, and ended up with a deep granita horizon all over my pants.

Apart from their delectable Nutella Granita’s with their special panna, the De Luca’s offerings include homemade gelato – crafted traditionally (of course), their insta-famous gelato burger (gelato between a sliced brioche bun), Nutella filled arancini, a range of in-house blended hot chocolates, and wonderfully brewed coffee. Their homemade drink syrups, special panna, as well as their hot chocolate powders are available to purchase to make in the comfort of your own home.

If you are an Italo-phile or general sweet tooth, a visit to this Sicilian family treasure if you’re in Sydney is a must!


A Weekend in Sydney Sadhana Kitchen



Sadhana Kitchen

132 Warners Ave, Bondi Beach

Sadhana Kitchen is a haven for the health conscious. Their creative and fresh take on allergy friendly (gluten, dairy and refined sugar free), plant-based whole food (often raw) has built them a loyal following. Expect an abundant offering of colourful seasonal, organic dishes and drinks presented beautifully. Favourites include their waffles, Bondi bowl, acai bowl, and their ‘vegan eggs’ made from sweet potato and coconut. Sadhana is a great spot for lunch or a delicious raw treat or drink. They even have regular raw food degustations.


A Weekend in Sydney Orchard St


A Weekend in Sydney Orchard St chocs


Orchard St

Various locations including 2 Brighton Blvd, North Bondi.

If raw food and treats, warming spiced hot drinks or kombucha on tap appeal to you, then this little corner in Bondi might be just the spot to laze away an hour or two with a good book or a friend. Seating is limited, so the short walk to Bondi Beach could also make Orchard St the perfect place to grab your lunch or sweet treat on-the-go. Other locations include South Bronte and Paddington.


A Weekend in Sydney InterContinental Double Bay



InterContinental Double Bay

33 Cross St, Double Bay

My dear friend, Salvatore of Cremeria De Luca took me here for an afternoon drink on my latest visit to Sydney after having Italian Yum Cha together at Mezzanino on Danks Street. The view of the Sydney Harbour from the rooftop was stunning and it’s a lovely spot to spend a few hours in the afternoon. This was also where I sampled my first Frose’ (frozen rose’) which is a real thing in Sydney and has since spread to Melbourne as well.

Note: The rooftop is a summer feature and will re-open for the season in October 2017.


A Weekend in Sydney InterContinental view

Bronte to Bondi walk

A stunning, easy walk for fresh ocean air and coastal views.

Note: the walk has been altered since the 2016 storm, and detours have been put in place.
Surry Hills

This is one of my favourite neighbourhoods to hang out and walk around in when in Sydney. There are so many fantastic cafes, restaurants, fashion stores and lots of interesting people watching to be had. Whilst you’ve got your walking shoes on check out Paddington, and Darlinghurst too.

Glebe Markets

If your visit to Sydney happens to fall on a Saturday then I highly recommend a visit to the Glebe Markets. It’s predominantly a fashion market and I have found some great pieces by local designers. There’s always great food offerings, a wonderful, friendly atmosphere and a mix of interesting stalls to have a snoop at.
Museum of Contemporary Art Australia – 140 George Street, The Rocks

I have seen so many wonderful exhibits over the years here including Wim Wenders and Annie Leibovitz. A fantastic space and well located if you’re interested in exploring the Rocks area.
The Brett Whiteley Studio

Such a wonderful space, part art-gallery and also the former studio and home of Australian artist, Brett Whitely.

Kepos Street Kitchen

Dust Bakery

Mister Wong

Flour and Stone

Skittlelane Coffee

Oz Harvest Market

Three Blue Ducks

The Grounds of Alexandria

Pilu at Freshwater

North Bondi Fish