9 Easy Morning Tea Recipes


9 Easy Morning Tea Recipes

A selection of sweet and treat ideas for your next morning tea.


The ritual of morning tea is very Australian. My first introduction to this meal time was at primary school, and along with afternoon tea it’s something I still very much enjoy (any excuse to have a treat!).

Whether you’re hosting a morning tea, have been asked to contribute a plate for work or you just want to have something on hand for quick snacking with your freshly brewed tea or coffee – here are nine easy morning tea recipes (some of my favourites), from across the site. They are all very easy to whip up, and I’ve also included some raw/healthier options. There’s something for everyone. Enjoy your morning tea!

JC xx


Choc Chip Cookies Eggless landscape



Chocolate Chip Cookies

Muesli Bars

Anzac Cookies


Coconut Banana Bread landscape



Double Ginger Cake

Coconut Banana Bread 

Coconut and Raspberry Cake


Raw date and coconut truffles final



Raw Chocolate, Tahini and Coconut Slice

Raw Cocoa, Date and Coconut Balls

Cacao and Coconut Balls