The Seventh Duchess tea moment


1. When and how did The Seventh Duchess business get started?

We love the ritual, experience and rich history of tea drinking! What can we say, we really love tea! It became apparent that something was missing in the market. We wanted to create a refined range of teas, that celebrated the history and tradition of tea, but also fit into our modern lifestyles free of artificial colours and flavours. This inspired a year of travelling the world, learning about the art of tea, and the numerous cultures and their rituals.


2. What is your most popular range or flavour, and what feedback do you get about it?

That’s a hard question, they’re all so good! Apothecary by The Seventh Duchess stands out as the range is 100% organic, naturally herbal, tisane blends that are mindful of the ailments and inhibitors of modern life. Each blend has been meticulously formulated with a balanced combination of therapeutic ingredients to meet specific health and wellbeing needs.


The Seventh Duchess Apothecary Range



3. What are some of the brands, people and things that inspire The Seventh Duchess on a daily basis?

We’re inspired by travel, by foods, by fragrances and by memories, and all of these elements have a say in our blends.

4. Your Daydreamer range is for beach lovers. What is the story behind this range? 

It comes from daydreaming about warm summer days, travelling off the beaten track to tropical islands, and getting immersed in the culture, flavours, and beaches of travel.


6. There has been some talk around tea bags releasing harmful toxins. Your tea totes solve this problem, could you tell us a little bit about them?

The Seventh Duchess Tea Totes are the perfect sachet to match the quality of our loose leaf teas. Made from biodegradable Japanese paper, Tea Totes contain no artificial dyes, bleaching chemicals or metal elements. Which means you can enjoy your loose leaf tea as it was naturally meant to be.


The Seventh Duchess beach flatlay


7. Your product offering has expanded from tea to coconut sugar, scents and hampers. What can we expect next from The Seventh Duchess?

We’re going to be really moving back to basics this year. We’re excited to focus on the beauty of tea drinking. We’re going to be updating our designs soon, which we can’t wait to share with everyone!


8. In your opinion, where, what and how is the best way to enjoy a cuppa? 

We once read that wrapping your hands around a warm cup of tea has the same chemical reaction in our brains as a hug. We’re firm believers in enjoying a cup of tea everywhere and anywhere!

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