Simple and homemade chicken and veggie seasoning recipe

Everyone has their favourite ingredients to work with when seasoning meat and vegetables. When it comes to a simple seasoning for chicken and veggies – this recipe is my go-to.

As I’ve mentioned in Saving Tips for Foodies, I often prepare a batch of chicken and have it sitting in this lovely mixture during the week. When it’s time for lunch or dinner, I grab a portion and either pan fry, grill or bake it in the oven with veggies, or prepare a fresh salad to go with it. It’s an easy approach to quick, everyday cooking and great to have something on hand when you’re on the go.

My simple chicken and veggie seasoning is literally this (adjust of course depending on the quantity, but start with this for say four chicken steaks):


1 tsp powdered paprika

1tsp powdered cumin

A healthy sprinkling of salt & pepper

1 tsp powdered turmeric

Add all the ingredients to a bowl with your meat and mix through thoroughly so all pieces are well coated


Cover the bowl with foil or a plate and leave to refrigerate – I keep mine for 3-4 days or until it’s all used!



Notes: This seasoning works well with chicken, fish fillets, as well as roast pumpkin and veggies. Fresh spring onion and coriander, plus a little squeeze of lime juice are a great way to top these with too.



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