Real Hot Chocolate

Serves 1.

This Real Hot Chocolate recipe is a simple and old-school approach to a calming, classic drink. Designed to comfort and warm in the colder months, this will be a lovely treat to look forward to before bed or cosy’ing up with a lovely book and toasty blanket.

I love this recipe with a sprinkle of cinnamon and turmeric. You can also try substituting your regular milk with coconut milk for something with a more tropical, indulgent feel. Enjoy and stay warm!

JC x


1 cup of milk 

6 squares of good quality dark or milk chocolate 


Simply place chocolate inside a small saucepan on low heat.

Once it begins to melt add milk. Stir slowly for two minutes on the stove and voila!

Serve in your favourite mug.


Notes: For extra flavour try adding a hint of cinnamon, turmeric or chilli. Experiment with types of chocolate – we recommend mixing dark and milk chocolate together. If you are feeling in need of a bit more decadence sprinkle some milo or cacao powder on the top, add some whipped cream or you can pour a tiny bit of whiskey to give it a special kick.



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