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In our part 1 of our Raw and Vegan guide we explored Melbourne cafe’s and restaurants, uncovered raw goods stores and more. In our final part 2 – we help guide you through vegan and raw cooking classes, cookbooks and even raw beauty.

Please also note that this is generally a Melbourne based guide with some international appearances (if an online presence is possible). Enjoy!

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Carla Oates Raw Beauty Chef

Raw Beauty

Good Food for Me – a wonderful online store with a great selection of raw and vegan treats, condiments and ingredients for your pantry.

Jacqueline Evans – Since their launch, Jacqueline Evans’ products have caused a real stir online. When you witness real conversations and such a cult following you know the product works! Jacqui’s certified organic range which includes products for the face and body are free of all nasties and use the best natural ingredients.

The Beauty Chef – Carla Oates is ‘The Beauty Chef’ and she is the author of ‘Feeding Your Skin‘ a beauty book brimming with recipes to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. Now Carla has outdone herself by creating the world’s first living skin care range. We cannot tell you how many people we have seen and heard raving about her ‘Glow Inner Beauty Powder‘. Check out her range here.

Nourished Life – an amazing online store stocking a whole load of toxin free products to lather yourself in from head to toe.

The Blender Girl Green Smoothies PIC POST


Here are a stack of nutritionists, chefs, cooks and the health passionate to inspire you and get you started on your raw or vegan journey.

The Blender Girl – the definition of an influencer in the raw and vegan world. Tess Masters the woman behind The Blender Girl, all her recipes use her trusty blender!

Kemi’s Raw Kitchen – Kemi Nekvapil is a Melbourne based raw food advocate, raw food cook (she does cooking classes), female empowerment coach and public speaker. Check out her website for some fabulous raw recipes.

A Vegan Kitchen – A colourful and quirky account with some jaw dropping recipes (you won’t believe they’re vegan!)

Brown Paper Nutrition – This is the beautiful account of Nutritionist Jacqueline Alwill. She is a Mother, caterer, wellness writer and blogger for RUSSH Magazine. If you are inspired by her delicious creations, check out her website for even more inspiring recipes.

julia and libby website screengrab


The Whole Daily – An energetic wellness and business lifestyle advisor with an incredible passion for life. Follow her on Instagram for  projects and events, as well as healthy recipes. Her Raw Chocolate Figgy Fudgy Brownie is a real hit!

Julia and Libby – Two bright and young sisters from New Zealand practicing holistic nutrition. They offer fantastic tips and advice, and create some amazing nutrient full recipes. I personally can’t wait to try their Raw Banoffee Pie!

Kenko Kitchen – an impressive, young self taught cook with some unbelievable raw and vegan recipes to share with you.

The Healthy Ingredient – the website of a holistic nutritional consultancy headed up by Nutritionist, Bannie Williams. Bannie is CLEO’s resident nutritionist. Many of her recipes are raw and some are also vegan.

The Raw Chef – Russell James is The Raw Chef and an industry leader in the UK. Given that some of his recipes are available online we thought we’d broaden our Melbourne based guide a little for you.

 Relish Mama Cooking classes raw and vegan guide

Cooking Classes

Raw Living Foods

Kemi’s Raw Kitchen

Vege 2 Go

Relish Mama

Botanical Cuisine

Raw Food Meet Up


Its All Good by G Paltrow Raw and Vegan Eating


The 20/20 Cookbook by Lola Berry – this woman is a force of nature, she is a much loved celebrity nutritionist and yoga instructor, and now she has recently launched her incredible cookbook. It is an epic effort and full of raw and vegan recipes for you to treat your body with.

Blender Girl Cookbook by Tess Masters – featuring 100 vegan and gluten free recipes this will be your go-to guide for all your vegan and raw cooking. Tess has kindly contributed quite a few of her recipes on our website too!

Dr Joshi – Reading both of Dr Joshi’s books has changed the way I eat and see food. You will become so much more aware of the importance of quality, freshness and nutrients – plus Joshi’s recipes in both books are clean but packed with flavour. His ‘Holistic Life Plan’ title is a must own for inner and outer balance in your life.

It’s All Good by Gwyneth Paltrow – Everyone loves to hate Gwyneth but I actually love her (and I’m not embarrassed to say that anymore). This book is just a pleasure to own, you feel inspired just looking at the carefully curated images and the dreamy shots of Gwyn’s healthy life. Despite some of the recipes being costly to make (hey a lot of recipes with good quality ingredients are), there are some fantastic recipes both raw and vegan, as well as allergy free ones that will get you in the swing of cleaner eating.


Recipes – 

Vegan Gluten Free Double Chocolate Brownies

Mango Avocado Rucola Salad

Salted Cacao Banana Shake

Vegan Cream of Spinach soup

Vegan Roasted Beetroot Dip

Marinated Eggplant and Sesame Noodle Salad

Salmon Soba Noodle Salad


Credits: Thank you to the following lovely ladies for their tips and suggestions: @amylmartin, @petitmiam_x, Trish Hevern and Riki Edelsten.

Note: If we have missed somewhere or someone in our raw and vegan guide, or if you would like to make a suggestion or just get in touch, please email us at info@decisivecravings.com.au.


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