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Puff Pastry Pizza

By Jennifer Curcio


I love simple, quick and flavoursome mid-week meal options and this is one of our favourites. Every few weeks we make a version of this Puff Pastry Pizza and serve it with a few fresh sides to balance out the indulgence of the pastry.


The version I’ve shared below is our basic, go-to recipe but we sometimes swap around ingredients. Some toppings we also use are soft feta, different pesto flavours, marinated mushrooms, anchovies – the options are quite endless really.


If you’re after a quick option during the week this is a fantastic one, and it is FULL of flavour.





Puff Pastry Pizza

Serves 2 – 3 as a side dish


Spanish onion, 40-42g

Mixed olives (Kalamata and green, pitted), roughly 15 olives (55g)

Cherry tomatoes, 115g

Puff pastry, one roll/sheet

Tomato paste, 5 tbsp

Tomato pesto, 3 tbsp

Sea salt and pepper

Runny mild flavoured honey, 1.5tbsp

Quality olive oil for drizzling



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Preheat your oven according to the instructions on your puff pastry packet


While the oven is heating up, prepare your toppings. Slice the Spanish onion thinly into semi-circles, then the olives into circles, and the cherry tomatoes into thin slices – set aside


Roll out the puff pastry onto an oven tray leaving the sheet on so you can use it as your baking paper (alternatively you can peel the pastry off the provided sheet if not ovenproof, and place it onto an oven tray lined with baking paper)


Scatter the five tablespoons of tomato paste onto the pastry sheet and using the back of a spoon, spread the paste as evenly across as you can, reaching up to the pastry’s edges


Now add the tomato pesto by spreading or drizzling it across the pastry


For the toppings, crumble the crescents of Spanish onion in your hands and scatter them onto the pastry, followed by the tomato slices and then the olives


Scatter a pinch of sea salt over the top, followed by a few twists of pepper to taste


Drizzle the honey as evenly as you can across the top of the puff pastry pizza (or a little more to your taste), then follow with a light drizzle of olive oil


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Once the oven has warmed up, place the puff pastry pizza in the oven and cook according to the instructions on your puff pastry packet


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As soon as it’s ready, pull the puff pastry out and if it looks a little dry, add one final drizzle of olive oil before cutting into slices and serving

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