Podcasts for your Playlist

Podcasts for your Playlist

Some must-listen-to Podcasts to add to your Playlist

For anyone that knows me well, I without a doubt would have brought up the subject of Podcasts and/or audio books (too) many times. I get motion sickness when reading on public transport or in the car so I am a huge fan of audio. I was a very fast adopter because suddenly I had a way to maximise commute times or riding to and from work, and instead of just listening to music, I felt that by listening to a Podcast or an audio book, that I was using otherwise wasted time to learn something new.

Since our move to Thailand, audio books have been a godsend because we live outside the main city and driving to the shops or doing Ian’s work drop-offs take a fair amount of time. But I am not always in the mood for an audio book, sometimes I prefer a shorter ‘burst’ of audio and this is where Podcasts come in. Podcasts are like the new Blog of the media world, it’s a phenomenon that has exploded, particularly in Australia. They are extensions of established news sites, websites or lifestyle blogs, magazines and creatives. For people who live in more isolated or rural parts of the world it is an amazing resource to stay connected and inspired.

Podcasts like books, TV series and movies are to be shared, so I thought I would share my favourites, that I listen to rain, hail or shine. For those that haven’t discovered Podcasts yet, if you’re an Apple iPhone user, head to the Podcasts App on your smart phone then select the ‘search’ button to type in the Podcast show you’re looking for. If the content really resonates, hit ‘subscribe’ or if you’re curious and want to try before you subscribe, download a few episodes first to get a feel of the show and its content. You can also select ‘top charts’ and explore different categories. For Android users, I believe you have to download an app to play Podcasts. This site provides a few Podcast app suggestions.

Are you a Podcast listener? If you have any Podcast recommendations, I would love to hear about your favourites. JC xx
Podcasts for your Playlist meandorla.co.uk

Hashtag Authentic

If you are an online creative, very into social media (especially Instagram) and blogging, then the Hashtag Authentic podcast is for you. Hosted by Sara Tasker, aka @me_and_orla on Instagram – Sara shares extremely helpful tips and strategies often interviewing authorities on these topics. It’s very honest and Sara has a lovely and genuine manner – so refreshing, and a must add to your playlist!

Podcasts for your Playlist Radio Cherry BombeRadio Cherry Bombe

For anyone familiar with the relatively new Cherry Bombe magazine, this is the fabulous audio extension. Like the magazine, Radio Cherry Bombe celebrates women in food, from cooks and chefs to writers and restauranteurs. Expect warm, funny and intimate interviews with some of the industry’s leading ladies, like Mimi Thorisson, Melissa Clark, Martha Stewart and Ruth Reichl. Each episode is full of inspiring stories, insights and unveils the human element of these women’s work and lives. I hold off listening to new episodes until I can find a time when I’m completely uninterrupted.

Episode schedule: Weekly.

Episode average length: 35 – 50 minutes.

Podcasts for your Playlist My Open KitchenMy Open Kitchen

Hosted by Skye Manson, and Sophie Hansen, My Open Kitchen is such a delightful Australian Podcast that celebrates women, rural life and community. If you are a romantic at heart, someone that is inspired by nature, beauty and life’s simple treasures, then this Podcast is for you. Each episode Skye and Sophie sit together and share a homemade treat while discussing people, initiatives, and communities that have captured their attention online and on social media. Guests on their show so far have included: the ever inspiring photographer Luisa Brimble, Matt of Grown & Gathered, Skye McAlpine, and Valli Little.

Episode schedule: Fortnightly.

Episode average length: 45 – 60 minutes.

Podcasts for Your Playlist Tea and TattleTea and Tattle

This is a very sweet, English Podcast hosted by best friends Sophie and Miranda. Listening to their show definitely feels like you are joining friends for a cosy catch up, as they discuss their week, and themes ranging from culture to lifestyle, careers, wellbeing and literature (there is a great episode on Jane Austen’s heroines). This is a very feminine and indulgent Podcast for the weekends or when you feel you need some ‘you’ time.

Episode schedule: Weekly.

Episode average length: 30 – 35 minutes.
Podcasts for your Playlist Girlboss Radio

Girlboss Radio

I listen to Girlboss Radio religiously. Each episode, the very charming host, Sophia Amoruso, interviews a different and inspiring ‘girl boss’ tracing their success from when they started their working life until present day. The conversations are honest, unique, and interesting. If you are entrepreneurial in any way, each episode will make you feel inspired and motivated to continue plugging away at your projects and dreams. Some of my favourite girl bosses interviewed so far have included Grace Bonney (Design Sponge), Christine Day (ex-Lululemon), Sallie Krawcheck (Ellevest) and Cassandra Grey (Violet Grey).

Sophia is the founder of US fashion website Nasty Gal, the New York Times best-selling author of Girlboss and Nasty Galaxy, and most recently she has become the Executive Producer of Girlboss, a TV show based on her first book and her life.

Episode schedule: Weekly.

Episode average length: 45-50 minutes.
Podcasts for your Playlist The Food Podcast

The Food Podcast

Hosted by Lindsay Cameron-Wilson, The Food Podcast is a wonderfully produced show about stories and food. Lindsay conducts relaxing and genuine conversations with incredibly interesting food figures and unpeels layers of stories in an almost journalistic fashion. Some of her guests so far have included Beth Kirby of Local Milk, Thug Kitchen and Aran Goyoaga of Cannelle Vanille. My favourite episode so far would have to be The Pepper Connection from October 2016. It was so well researched and made me want to become a pepper monger!

Episode schedule: Monthly.

Episode average length: 25 – 30 minutes.



The Economist Radio

This is my main source of world news. I love their Week Ahead show and Tasting Menu show for quick, short grabs of key world news that you can listen to while preparing and eating your breakfast, or making yourself a pot of tea.

Dumbo Feather 

Ranging from 30 minutes and up to an hour, Dumbo Feather’s interviews with their incredibly inspiring guests are thought provoking and explore and debate real issues in our society. Though the tone of interviews can be light hearted, I find the topics quite serious so I choose my time to listen in based on my mood.

The Wheeler Centre

If you’ve ever attended a talk at the Wheeler Centre, then you will thoroughly enjoy their Podcast show. Their episodes are full recordings from their talks, exploring themes on books, literature, writing and ideas. Similar to Dumbo Feather, the Wheeler Centre’s Podcast is extremely thought-provoking, so I often listen to them at home, particularly when I’m in a specific mood – so I can reflect and write notes from the show, and list things to Google and research.