The Panettone baked and ready to eat

Panettone Recipe

A traditional panettone recipe all the way from a bakery in the Marche area, in Italy. Though it requires creating three separate doughs or mixtures, and some extensive kneading, I am certain it will be worth the effort and wait.


One of my dear old friends from our time in Jakarta is the lovely Cecilia. Her uncle in Italy is a baker and owns a very well known bakery in his area. Cecilia and her family kindly shared this very special Panettone recipe. If you have not seen it boxed in shiny papers and cardboards at supermarkets or delicatessens; it is a traditional Italian dessert bread/cake that is eaten and gifted during Christmas time. If you are friends with Italians and don’t know what to gift them at Christmas, a Panettone will give you big brownie points or shall we say panettone points.

To my knowledge, I don’t ever recall having tasting a homemade Panettone. Why? Truthfully, it is because making a Panettone is quite labour intensive, as you will see below. However, the experience of making Panettone and the glory of saying: ‘I poured my blood, sweat and tears into this dough mixture’ (to a bewildered Nonna) would be pretty satisfying.

Enjoy and if you do give it a go make sure you send me a picture!


Traditional Panettone (Panettone Tradizionale)

Recipe contributed by Panificio Donnini&Manzotto, Recanati, Marche, Italy

*Starter Dough (Biga) | Leavening/Fermentation 4 – 8 hours

80 gms ‘0’ or ‘00’ Flour

15 gms beer yeast

40 gms water


Working the starter dough

Dough One | Leavening/Fermentation 4 – 8 hours

80 gms Starter Dough*

260 gms flour (60% ‘0’ or ‘00’, 40% regular)

70 gms butter

70 gms sugar

2 egg yolks

170 gms water


Add ingredients to the Starter Dough (Biga) in the following order: water, flour, yolks, sugar and butter in pieces. Knead for 30 minutes.

The working stage of the first dough mixture
Dough Two | Leavening/Fermentation 4 – 6 hours

Dough One with 60 gms of flour (60% ‘0’ or ‘00’, 40% regular)

3 gms salt

20 gms melted butter

20 gms sugar

10 gms honey

2 egg yolks

170 gms raisins

85 gms candied citron

85 gms candied orange

Cooking essences of your preference


The Panettone before going into the oven


Add ingredients to Dough One in the following order: honey, salt, sugar, yolks and melted butter.

Knead for 40 minutes. Add the candied fruits, raisins and essences.

Knead by hand for a few minutes, then rest the dough for 45 minutes.

Add the final dough mixture into the Panettone baking tin. Make a cross cut on top of the dough and add a little square of butter. Heat in the oven at 180 degrees for one hour.


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