Peppermint and Coconut Iced Tea recipeMint and Coconut Iced Tea

Makes 1 x 750ml bottle


Another super easy recipe you can make at home. Make a big batch, keep it at the ready in the fridge and we are sure this cooling brew will be one of your favourites this summer.


750 mls of brewed Mint tea

5-6 teaspoons of coconut sugar



Brew the Mint Tea and allow it to cool.


Add the coconut sugar to your favourite water jug or use a glass bottle.


Once the Mint Tea has cooled down pour it into the jug/bottle.


Stir the tea and coconut sugar together (if you are using a bottle, put the cap back on and roll the bottle around for a few seconds); then pop the bottle in the fridge and it will be cool and ready to serve within an hour!


Notes:  For a little added freshness and flavour, add some fresh mint leaves to the mix or reduce the amount of Mint tea and add Coconut Water (you can omit the coconut sugar in this case).


Also try: Ginger, Rosemary and Mint Iced Tea.