LOAM PROSECCO IMG_5353On Sunday June 30, 2013 Loam Restaurant in Drysdale will close its doors forever. Loam is one of only six Victorian regional restaurants to receive two hats.

Several weeks ago, we were lucky enough to dine there before the end of its era. Join us for a visual feast of our 7 course lunch banquet experience.

LOAM Tomato veal sea blite basil seeds(Tomato, veal, sea blite, basil seeds)

LOAM Bay bug bread savoury yeast(Bay bug, bread, savoury yeast)

LOAM Broccoli hearts fermented millet sprouts(Broccoli hearts, fermented millet, sprouts)

Loam Sweetbreads romaine(Sweetbreads, romaine)

LOAM Pork jowl sunrose salted lemon(Pork jowl, sunrose, salted lemon)

LOAM Reypenaer pickled beetroot(Reypenaer, pickled beetroot)


LOAM at lighthouse olive grove.
For what is left visit, www.loam.com.au