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Decisive Cravings Christmas Baking Swap 2020

 Join our second Christmas baking swap! This is for the bakers, treat eaters and lovers of snail mail. 




If you love Christmas or the festive holidays, and receiving parcels in the mail then keep reading. Last year we organised our first ever BAKING SWAP with beautiful parcels of bakes and treats sent all over the world. It was such a joy and highlight of last year’s holiday season and this year we are pleased to share we’ll be running it again!

Whether you bake the goods yourself OR buy a few of your favourite festive treats (you don’t have to bake!), this will be just one more way to spread some much needed cheer this year, and also help those in need. There will be a registration fee of $5 to secure your spot, 100% of this fee will be directly donated to a cause or charity initiative.

Our baking swap is open to EVERYONE & ANYWHERE in the world. Though the swap is not religious, the more you can include/represent local festive treats in your parcel – the better because sharing food culture is the best and it is just one more way to help us feel we’ve travelled in 2020.


How it works

– Once you sign up (which you can do HERE), you’ll receive an email with a few questions so we can match you to your baking partner.

– After sign-ups close, you’ll be assigned your baking swap partner. We’ll do our best to match you with someone in the same area or country, and you’ll receive some information about your partner’s interests, treat preferences and any allergies.

-Next, and the best part…you get to prepare your partner’s baking box! We will send you some visual inspiration, recipes, suggested inclusions, as well as tips for packing your box.

-After you bake/buy, pack and send your parcel all you have to do is wait for yours to arrive! If you would like to and with your partner’s permission, you can also send them a thank you message – but more on that later!

– After the swap finishes we’ll also announce how much money was raised and where it was donated.

Any questions? Please email me: