Italian recipe collection - Cacio e Pepe lasagna

Italian recipe collection

This little list is an Italian recipe collection of all of the dishes that I’ve shared on the website to-date. I love to cook foods from everywhere, and am always curious to discover more. However, like many others with a culturally diverse background, my go-to foods and recipes are always those of my childhood. In my case this is my Italian upbringing in Australia.

One goal of this website was for me to have a record of my family recipes, as well as share them. These are the dishes that are most comforting to me, that my mother made for me and that I now make for my family. Some are special dishes shared by family friends, even family members still living in Italy. From starters to mains and desserts, as well as snacks or side dishes there are Italian recipes for any craving or meal time.

Of course when we say ‘Italian’ in the context of a food or cuisine, it’s important to note that this is a very broad term. Italy is made up of 20 regions, all with their very own set of strong culinary traditions. The ‘Italian’ recipes featured here, hail from just some of them.

I hope you enjoy this Italian recipe collection as much as I do.



Italian recipe collection Nonna’s wild fennel and roasted chestnut soup recipe



Prosciutto wrapped cantaloupe

Potato frittata

One pan potatoes

Nonna’s wild fennel and roasted chestnut soup


Italian recipe collection - Lemon Cream Pasta



Broccoli sage goat cheese risotto

Broccoli and ricotta pasta

Lemon cream pasta

Pasta bake with meatballs

Meat free pasta bake

Smoked salmon gnocchi

Tomato risoni with dill and mozzarella

Potato gnocchi with tomato sugo

Eggplant cannelloni filled with ricotta and spinach

Malloreddus with sugo (Sardinian gnocchi with sauce)


Vegetarian lasagna

Cacio e pepe lasagna


Italian recipe collection - Tiramisu recipe






Strawberry mint salad