Heide III interior by Jeremy WeirauchHeide III Interior


The same lovely girl who almost two years ago, shared her Coconut and Raspberry Cake recipe with me also mentioned she was a volunteer at Heide MOMA. In fact, she revealed that her fellow volunteers had started a Recipe Swap, and at this my interest clearly peaked! This is such a wonderful idea and Erin spoke so highly of this group who often bake little treats for each other that I had to find out more. She put me in touch with one of Heide’s staff members, Jenny Papas to find out how the Recipe Swap came about, how it works, as well as a little bit about the special place that is Heide and the invaluable role their volunteers play (in addition to their baking prowess!)

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1. Could you tell us about the unique place that is Heide and what role your volunteers play?

Heide does indeed hold a unique position in the artistic and cultural history of Australia. Soon after purchasing the fifteen acre property in 1934, John and Sunday Reed gathered around them like-minded individuals such as Sidney Nolan, Albert Tucker, Joy Hester and John Percival. They nurtured a circle of artists, writers and intellectuals who contributed to Heide as a place for discussion, creativity and the promotion of modern art and literature. Heide currently consists of 3 buildings with 6 exhibition spaces showcasing Australian and international modern and contemporary art.

We are incredibly fortunate to have a team of nearly 200 committed volunteers who support staff across a range of operational areas. Some volunteers spend time in the galleries engaging with visitors and providing information on exhibitions and all things Heide. Some work in the grounds assisting the staff in maintaining the beautiful gardens and others work with school groups and public tours. We could not operate as we do today without the enthusiastic dedication of our team of volunteers.

Heide MOMA cows
Heide Sculpture Park

2. What are the most underrated areas visitors to Heide should explore?

With fifteen acres of grounds there are plenty of special and sometimes less frequented spots to explore. There is a wild garden near Heide I and the newly established Indigenous remnant conservation zone near the Yarra River. The Kitchen Gardens of Heide I and II are delightful rambling, cottage style gardens where vegetables, herbs and flowers flourish. Garden volunteers work with our garden staff to keep the weeds under control and keep them productive and looking beautiful.

Heide volunteer Lucinda enjoying a biscuit from the recipe swap
Heide volunteer Lucinda

3. Your volunteers have a Recipe Swap, could you explain how this came about and what it involves?

The Recipe Swap came about through the influence of one of our volunteers who regularly brings with her a huge cake tin of home made biscuits to share with other volunteers and staff. (We love Tuesdays!) When several people asked for her recipes the idea of a recipe swap was hatched. Recipes from volunteers and staff are made available via the Swap folder. We leave the folder in the volunteer break room where the volunteers and staff can browse the recipes and take copies home to try.

4. What are some of the most memorable recipes shared with the volunteer team so far?

The original biscuit recipe is a real winner and probably the most often shared. Other favourites include Easy Peasy Cheesy Tortellini, a selection of “world famous” Pesto recipes (one of which I’ve shared below) and a Summer Strawberry Bruschetta.

Erin’s World Famous Dill Pesto

1 cup chopped dill 
1/2 cup chopped chives
1/2 cup mature cheddar cheese or similar, grated 
1/2 cup walnut pieces 
olive oil to coat
salt and pepper

Chop herbs and blend with other ingredients. Season to taste and coat with the olive oil (coated not drowned!)

Delicious on pasta, baked potatoes or add to a pan of roast veggies for the last five minutes.


Heide II interior by John GollingsHeide II Interior


5. When the volunteers aren’t feasting on Recipe Swap fare, what are their favourite food haunts in the area?

Naturally Café Vue at Heide is a favourite! Some long-term volunteers enjoy a regular lunch together before or after their shift, or for others, a coffee and lamington enjoyed in the Heide grounds is a weekly treat.

(Images by John Gollings and Jeremy Weirauch – supplied by Heide MOMA).


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