Gewurzhaus tea blends


Gewürzhaus is the type of shop that foodies fall in love with the moment they step through the door, possibly even before as they glare at the goodies that await them beyond the window.

In essence, Gewürzhaus is exactly what it translates to from German, ‘spice house’. The stores I have been to (Hawksburn and CBD) are lined with self-scoop type compartments with what they refer to as herbs and spices from A-Z. This is no exaggeration, there is a spice or herb blend for almost every type of cuisine and then some. In addition to their self-scoop ingredients, they can also be bought pre-packaged in lovely glass jars ready to take home.


Gewurzhaus shelves and tubs


In terms of their impressive range, I particularly love their representation of native Australian ingredients like their Australian Bush Pepper blend (terrific for meat and fish), as well as their Australian Bush Herb blend. BUT my personal favourite is their EXTENSIVE selection of salts. I have mentioned it many times, referenced in many recipes and I cannot run my kitchen without their Smoked Yakima Applewood Salt – it gives every dish that special touch and unique flavour, including chocolate chip cookies! Just add a little sprinkle before they go into the oven.


Gewurzhaus Ceramics Birds Eye View


Gewurzhaus Ceramics


In addition to herbs and spices, they stock wonderful tea blends and hot chocolate mixtures. If you are shopping for the foodie in your life, these guys will also sort you out with some lovely and unique foodie gifts for the kitchen, like their ceramics for example or English-made porcelain mortar and pestles.


Gewurzhaus goodies


If you love to cook, the sight and smells of this spice shop will affront your senses and stimulate your brain to start thinking about your next meal, long lost recipes and inspire you to whip up something new.

I highly recommend Gewürzhaus for better, more flavourful and creative cooking and foodie gifting. It is a personal favourite of mine and I make a point of visiting every time I am home.  A must visit!

JC x



Trading hrs: Various stores across Melbourne and one in Sydney, trading hours here.

Address/Phone: Locations and phone numbers for each store here.

Website: www.gewü

Instagram: Gewürzhaus

Twitter: @Gewürzhaus

Facebook: Gewürzhaus 

Must try: The Yakima Applewood Smoked Salt.

Consciousness: Discount on refills when you re-use your Gewürzhaus jars.

Notes: I haven’t yet attended, but it is worth noting that Gewürzhaus also run a cooking school! Class information here.



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Disclaimer: Please note that prices, menu items, management or trading hours may have varied since time of review. Our thoughts and opinions are based on our experience only.