Gasworks Arts Park Farmers Market applesFresh local apples at Gasworks Arts Park Farmer’s Market – image by Naomi Owen


Once a month on a Saturday morning, Gasworks Arts Park wakes up peppered with white tents, sheltering an array of organic and biodynamic produce.

Flocking to these tents are happy Melbourne foodies and their pets – indeed the ratio of canine to human is always very high here, which only adds to the charm of these markets.

The rules here are quite strict, so be assured that your produce really does come from accredited organic suppliers, with stall holders coming from right across the state to showcase their produce.


Gasworks Arts Park Farmers Market crowdShoppers at the Gasworks Arts Park Farmer’s Market – image by Naomi Owen


There’s the Lakes Entrance Fisherman’s Co-op who never freeze their seafood (try their monkfish); The Gypsy Pig who do a splendid array of pork based products and Leadoux whose turkey schnitzels will change your world. You’ll also find goat, duck and other organic meats available.

There’s a wide range of products on offer, from jams at the rhubarb stand, to magic muesli’s, handmade biscuits from Castlemaine, freshly squeezed juices and punchy hot chilli sauces. There’s dips, olive oils, plenty of pies, chocolates and both biodynamic wines and beers available for tasting (if you’re up for it so early in the morning!). Perhaps you need some seedlings for your own garden, or maybe a treat for your pooch – all can be found at this glorious market!


Gasworks Arts Park Farmers Market veggiesEat your greens – image by Naomi Own

It’s a good idea to get here early before all the favourites sell out and, luckily (as we all know how dangerous it is to shop on an empty stomach) there’s a few breakfast options on offer; maybe a bacon and egg roll or a bagel and schmear to accompany your morning coffee. Should you come a little later on in the morning, then try the delicious chicken and waffles or a healthy felafel.

As you exit, perhaps grab a loaf of Alison’s hand-made breads, a tub of Mount Zero olives and some Holy Goat cheeses, before heading over to the vegetable stands to grab a bunch of beetroot varietals to create a beautiful multi-coloured salad to accompany your lunch.

So bring your dog, your wellies and mingle with the rest of the food-fanatics at this wonderfully friendly and authentic organic market – it’s a glorious way to start your weekend!

Words and images by Naomi Owen



Address: 21 Graham Street, Albert Park VIC 3206

Trading hours: 8am to 1pm, 3rd Saturday of every month


Instagram: @gasworksartspark

Twitter: @GasworksArts

Facebook: GasworksArtsPark

Consciousness: All storeholders are Australian local farmers selling certified organic and/or biodynamic produce.

Notes: Bring your own baskets as these markets are a strictly plastic bag free zone. Remember also to bring some cash as not all store holders accept cards.


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