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We talk to Sustainable Table about what ‘sustainability’ really means, how to make Tomato and Chilli Mussels, and how to get involved with their future projects.
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1.When and how did Sustainable Table start?

Sustainable Table was founded by Cassie Duncan and Hayley Morris towards the end of 2009 out of a desire to explore and create awareness around environmental issues in a way that is compelling to a mainstream audience. Globally, we support projects in developing communities that help to restore the natural environment and improve food security. Locally, we hold awareness events and run behavioural change campaigns that empower people to vote for a food system that is fair, humane and good for the environment.


2. What are some reasons everyone should be concerned about sustainability?

The word ‘sustainability’ gets thrown around a lot these days.  To us it means doing our best to exist on this planet in a way that allows the environment to regenerate naturally and continue to function efficiently.  For a long time now, us humans have been taking far too much from the planet making it impossible for nature to keep up.  At Sustainable Table, we recognise that 60 per cent of our environmental footprint is associated with the food we buy, which is why we use food as an entrée to explore environmental issues.


3. What are some of the type of events Sustainable Table organise?

Our events are a fun way to engage with the important issues around food and sustainability and learn how to make changes in your lifestyle to create real and positive change.

 Sustainable Table Matt WilkinsonMatt Wilkinson speaking at the Sustainable Table event ‘A Good Catch’ at the 2013 Melbourne Food and Wine Festival


4. Can you tell us about some of Sustainable Table’s achievements so far?

We have since published two educational cookbooks, The Sustainable Table and Seasonal Regional.  Excitingly, The Sustainable Table was named Best Sustainable Food Book in Australia at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in Paris this year.  In 2011 we were also awarded the Smart Company Web Award for Best Blog.


5. What is one of the team’s favourite recipes from your cookbook range?

Lizzie’s tomato and chilli mussels from our first cookbook, The Sustainable Table.


6. How can we get involved with Sustainable Table or support your projects in future?

We run behavioural change campaigns and provide information about ethical eating and living via our blog, as well as support sustainable food projects in developing countries.  You can read more about our work here.


7. Last words?

  • Seafood is still meat so make it a treat.  Make seafood a treat by choosing it less often and when you do, enjoy sensible portions of sustainable species that haven’t been overfished or harvested using destructive methods.


  • Switch your fish.  Try something different, eat lower on the food chain (these fish regenerate more quickly) and give popular species a break to preserve the balance of the ocean and ensure that future generations can enjoy them too.


  • Educate yourself.  Be a savvy shopper and use our Switch your Fish guide to make an informed choice or download the AMCS iPhone app.  Check out


  • Buy fresh to avoid unnecessary packaging.  Fresh seafood will have been caught closer to where it is sold and thus have travelled a shorter distance to reach your plate.  It will also taste better and be better for you.  You’ll also avoid unnecessary packaging!


  • Buy local.  Support local communities and sustainable fisheries where possible.



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Notes: You can purchase the wonderful Sustainable Cook Books here.
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