Foodie Profiles Complete Collection Cover

Foodie Profiles – The Complete Collection

Over the years, our Foodie Profiles on the website have been some of my favourite pieces to write. Just as the name suggests they are profiles on inspiring and interesting foodies, around Melbourne, Australia and beyond.

With over 40 profiles, the ‘foodies’ we’ve profiled have varied from beloved cookbook writers like Tessa Kiros, to creatives like Lucy Folk who features food in her jewellery design, as well as industry game changers fighting against food waste like Ronni Kahn of OzHarvest. More often than not they include recipes, as well as tips on places to eat from our featured foodie friends.

In this piece, you’ll find every profile we’ve featured on the site so you can find them all in one place. If you’re looking for a quick read over a cuppa, then you’ve come to the right place. Is there someone you’d like to see profiled? Please email me, I would love to hear from you and see if we can make it happen.

Happy reading!  Jen

FOODIE PROFILES (in alphabetical order!)

A Beetroot Curry Recipe and Story

Nigethan from Tamil Feasts talks about Tamil cooking, and shares his beetroot curry recipe.

Alissa Timoshkina

In this Foodie Profile we chat with London based cook, food writer, cookbook author and founder of the Kino Vino supper club, Alissa Timoshkina. She shares with us snapshots from her childhood, the inspiration behind her love of food, recipes from her esteemed cookbook Salt & Time, and so much more including her recipes for Russian dukkah, and beetroot patties with horseradish cream.

Anja Dunk

We chat to the cookbook author of the brilliant Strudel, Noodles and Dumplings, Anja Dunk. A family cookbook of sorts, Anja chats to us about her journey up until now, the cookbook, and even shares two of our favourite recipes.

Arabella Forge from Frugavore

In this Foodie Profile we chat with Nutritionist, Cook and Food Writer Arabella Forge. Arabella is a down to earth soul with a conscientious approach and passion for cooking real food. She has shared this philosophy with the world in her fabulous cook book, Frugavore – a staple for every homemaker with its focus on healthy, sustainable and cost saving cooking. In our chat she discusses the Frugavore concept, her journey since publishing the book and has kindly shared one of her favourite recipes too!

Ayu Larasati

In this Foodie Profile we talk to Ayu Larasati, one of Jakarta’s most celebrated young ceramicists.

Baking and Business with Sweets for Tilly

Contributor Amelia Harris chats with Rachel of Sweets for Tilly much loved for their bespoke cakes, macarons and sweets; about baking and business.

Basil Natoli

Basil is a teacher, gardner and activist. He is also one of the key facilitators in creating community gardens in and around Melbourne, including the first Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation (SAKGF) program at the Collingwood Community College.

Cake Ink

We chat with the inspiring and super creative duo, Samone and Janelle of cult Melbourne Cake and Stationery brand, Cake Ink. Learn how they met, the ins and outs of what they do, as well as tips for event making and who they follow on Instagram.

Carlo Mazzarella of Melbourne Salami Festa

A chat with the Melbourne Salami Festa’s Founder and Director, Carlo Mazzarella to tell us more about the Festa and what to expect.

Cultivating Community

Cultivating Community is a small Melbourne based NGO working in the areas of urban agriculture and community food initiatives. In this Foodie Profile we chat with their Food Systems and Partnerships Team Leader, Peta Christensen about the amazing work they do.

David Laity of Goodwill Wine

Discover the bittersweet beginnings of Goodwill Wine, and its founder David Laity. Once you’ve read this piece you’ll probably never shop at a regular wine shop again.

Edible Flowers with Flowerdale Farm

In one of our most popular Foodie Profiles to date, Lauren Richardson of Flowerdale Farm talks to us about the process of growing edible flowers, her journey in the industry and the history and growing trend behind edible flowers. Lauren also shares a delicious recipe specially created for Flowerdale Farm using her favourite edible flower.

Executive Chef Tony Panetta (formerly) from MCEC

Contributor Alisia Romanin chats to Executive MCEC Chef Tony Panetta.

Gabriele Galimberti 

I was flipping through an in-flight magazine when I stumbled on an interview with Italian photographer, Gabriele Galimberti, about his project and book, In Her Kitchen. The concept resonated with me instantly – a book of stories, portraits and recipes from grandmothers all over the world. What a beautiful way to share culture and give a real perspective on a travel experience. In this Foodie Profile Gabriele telling us more about the project and himself.

Georgie Castle of Citizen Cacao

Contributor Amy Martin chats with Citizen Cacao creator Georgie Castle about how her business has grown from a passion project to a buzzing little enterprise with her delicious products stocked in speciality food stores and cafes across Australia.

Heide Moma Volunteers Recipe Swap

The same lovely girl who many years ago, shared her Coconut and Raspberry Cake recipe with me also mentioned she was a volunteer at Heide MOMA. In fact, she revealed that her fellow volunteers had started a Recipe Swap, and at this my interest clearly peaked! This is such a wonderful idea and Erin spoke so highly of this group who often bake little treats for each other that I had to find out more. She put me in touch with one of Heide’s staff members, Jenny Papas to find out how the Recipe Swap came about, how it works, as well as a little bit about the special place that is Heide and the invaluable role their volunteers play (in addition to their baking prowess!)

Ibu Soewitomo

Ibu Sisca Soewitomo is dubbed as the ‘Queen of Indonesian Cuisine’. She has dedicated her 50-year career to nourishing Indonesia’s evolving culinary scene. A pioneer of Indonesian TV cooking, she is also the author of almost 150 cookbooks, and has been the recipient of many awards for her culinary achievements.

Janet De Neefe

A visit to Bali over thirty years ago changed Janet DeNeefe’s life forever. From her guesthouse to her cafes and restaurants, as well as the world famous Ubud Writers and Readers Festival she has made an invaluable contribution to the Island and is one of its greatest promoters globally. I chat to Janet about how it all started, life on her Island home and her latest project which is not to be missed!

Jimmy’s Burgers

We chat to Melbourne’s real burger King, James Hurlston (a.k.a Jimmy’s Burgers) about his adventures, top 5 burgers and whether he really eats one burger (or more) a day! He also makes his own burgers and has kindly shared some images of his creations with us, below.

Lucy Folk

In this interview, we speak to the Australian jewellery designer Lucy Folk (who has since branched out into apparel and accessories). We chat about her passion for food, and some of her favourite food spots in Melbourne.

Lynda Gardner

Stylist and decorator Lynda Gardener chats to us about her journey in the design industry, her creative interests, as well as her recent boutique property homestays in and around Melbourne and Victoria.

Mad About Cakes

In this Foodie Profile we chat to the creator of Mad About Cakes – a Melbourne based baking business specialising in  gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and even vegan baked goods.

Masseria Potenti

A delightful chat with the owners of one of Puglia’s most visited and Instagrammed masserie.

Melanie Stapleton of Cecilia Fox

Melanie Stapleton is a florist, and the owner of Cecilia Fox in East Brunswick. Her team’s creations are truly stunning and they have floralised (new word I know) many incredible weddings and events (and my 30th – lol). We chatted to Melanie about how she started, whether ‘flower walls’ post the ‘Kimye’ wedding have become a thing, her favourite local cafe’s and more.

Miranda Mills of Tea & Tattle Podcast – NEW July 2020

Miranda Mills is a writer, bibliophile, ex-Londoner and the host of the Tea and Tattle Podcast. She also runs Miranda’s Notebook and Miranda’s Bookcase. In this foodie profile she shares her tips for discovering London, a recipe for cherry and banana loaf, as well as plenty of book recommendations – including by season!

Miss Biscuit

When Julia Day starting making biscuits she found couldn’t stop. Her biscuit range started growing and so did her orders, and the rest as they say is history. We chat to Julia of Miss Biscuit about how she started, her most popular biscuit requests and her tips for starting a business.

NATIF Native Foods

We chat to NATIF founder, Julie Merlet about how and why she started her business, the health benefits of native foods, and how you can grow them on your own balcony.

Paola Bacchia

In this Foodie Profile I chat with Melbourne based cookery teacher and cookbook author Paola Bacchia. She shares her career journey, recommendations on eating in Italy, shopping for Italian ingredients and her observations about Italian food culture in Australia. She also talks about her four cookbooks, including her latest, At Nonna’s Table which is inspired by Paola’s late mother, Livia.

Photographer John Street

Some would say that John Street helped pioneer food photography in Australia, bringing European standards with him from London when he moved in the seventies. We met by chance at a market, which lead to another more planned meeting. Over a wonderful gluten free coconut raspberry cake made by his wife, and some delicious black tea sprinkled with cinnamon, cardamom and black pepper; we talked about food, his life and his incredible photography career.

Plants on Pink

In this Foodie Profile we chat with artist and founder of PlantsonPink, Lotte van Baalen. Lotte curates the PlantsonPink Instagram account selecting all the images that end up being featured. She shares how PlantsonPink came about, she shows us her favourite PlantsonPink uploads (all featured in this post), and tells us a little bit more about herself as well.


In this Foodie Profile we chat with Christine Smith of Recipe4Change – an award-winning ethical enterprise made of  food professionals who use food to change the lives of everyday Australians and help them overcome barriers to a better life.

Reground Melbourne

In this Foodie Profile we chat with Danish born, Melbourne based Ninna Larsen. Ninna is the founder of Reground, an inspiring sustainability business. Melbourne’s cafe’s are an integral part of the city’s culture, and Ninna and the team at Reground are helping make those businesses more sustainable.

Ninna shares how she started Reground, what they do and how we can be more sustainable in the home and at work. She also shares some of her favourite sustainability-friendly cafe’s in Melbourne.

Ronni Kahn – CEO & Founder of OzHarvest

Ten years ago, OzHarvest became the first organisation in Australia to rescue all types of perishable food that would otherwise have been wasted. They have over 600 volunteers nationally, and have delivered 28 million meals to-date to Australians in need.  We caught up with Ronni Kahn, the CEO & Founder of OzHarvest to share how OzHarvest started, their mission, what’s next and how you can help.

Sal Malatesta of St Ali

Sal is the owner of one of Melbourne’s most iconic coffee institutions, St Ali. In our chat we discuss his journey in the hospitality industry, his passions and interests and what he is up to today.

Sarah Cowell

Sarah started out in the tea industry as a tea sommelier. We chat to her about her journey, tea and much more.

Sustainable Table

We talk to Sustainable Table about what ‘sustainability’ really means, how to make Tomato and Chilli Mussels, and how to get involved with their future projects.

Tamil Feasts

Tamil Feasts is a Melbourne based social enterprise that supports recently settled asylum seekers through the celebration of food and culture. Serving up traditional Sri Lankan fare prepared by Tamil men currently seeking asylum in Australia, these thrice-weekly feasts provide these men with employment and hospitality experience. The feasts also offer diners a unique and humbling food and cultural experience.

Tamsin Carver (formerly) of Tamsin’s Table

A hilltop farmhouse looking over 113 acres of Poowong East in country Victoria, is the home of Tamsin Carver. Until recently, she opened up her home and property running lunches, gatherings and workshops under the name Tamsin’s Table. In our latest Foodie Profile, we catch up with Tamsin to find out more about her farm life and the going on’s at her table. Update: Tamsin has since opened Tamsin’s Table Cake Shop in The Borough Department Store in Korumburra.

Tennille Hay of Tee’s Superfood

Tennille Hay, or ‘Tee’ as she is known amongst friends is the creator and owner behind Tee’s Superfood, a unique range of superfood bars. As an Exercise Physiologist and Strength and Conditioning coach Tee’s knowledge of nutrition and the way the human body works has allowed her to create a product range that fuses fuel and flavour. Not only that she’s managed to make sure that all bars are dairy free, and some are gluten free and lactose friendly as well. Tee’s range recently caught the attention of the  2014 Food Magazine Awards where it was voted in the top 5 health products in Australia! In this Foodie Profile we talk to Tee about how she started, the challenges of running a business, how she comes up with flavours for her range and what’s next.

Tessa Kiros

Beloved cookbook author Tessa, shares with us two of her recipes (old and new), her food and travel tips for Venice and Tuscany, and so much more. Pop the kettle on, curl up on the couch and enjoy!

The Folk Family

Hospitality entrepreneurs, an artist and a jewellery designer – read about one of Melbourne’s most interesting foodie families, the Folks.

The GoodSmiths

In this Foodie Profile we chat with Clifford Moss, co-founder of Goodsmiths – a website that helps you  find and choose social enterprises and B Corps when eating, drinking, celebrating and shopping.

The Seventh Duchess

A profile with the founder of the dreamy tea business, The Seventh Duchess.

The Thank You Group

Going back several years now, I had the pleasure of meeting Jarryd Burns – one of the co-founders of the Thankyou Group whilst holidaying in the States. I had heard of Thankyou Water at the time but meeting him gave me an entirely new view of what he and the group stood for and had achieved. He is a wonderful person with a rare set of morals and such strong ethics. Here is the story of the Thankyou Group by Jarryd .

Winnie & Co

Kate Thompson of Winnie & Co and also the founder of the ultimate treat treasure chest at Winnie & Co, i.e – the baker’s drawer. This is a wonderful and heart-warming read.

Valli Little

This is a very special Foodie Profile for me, because only a few months later Valli sadly passed away. Valli was the Contributing Editor at delicious.magazine, a cookbook author, food and travel writer and recipe developer.