DC Cooking Class and Lunch Table Shadiya stove side close up

Eritrean Recipes

Learn to make a wonderful Eritrean feast using these fabulous flavourful recipes.


In late December 2017, we hosted an Eritrean Cooking class with our friends at Cultivating Community. One of the generous Eritrean cooks in their community network, Shadya – pictured above took our group through an entire Eritrean feast from scratch. We watched her as she effortlessly put together starters, main dishes and even dessert – each dish tastier than the next!

Shadya learnt how to cook at a young age, assisting her parents at their restaurant back in Eritrea. At as young as nine years old, she wowed her parents with her skill for cooking, and ability to re-create their dishes with minimal effort. Many years later it seems, this talent has only grown, and we were lucky enough to have Shadya share her skills and love of cooking with us.

From beautifully crunchy and flavoursome falafil drizzled with her humus made from scratch, to her lentil curry, vegetable curry, she wowed us again with a finale of makleel (Eritrean doughnuts with honey).

The beautiful thing about Shadya’s food was not only how simple it was to make, but the hit of flavour in each mouthful – true home cooked comfort food. For those that missed her class, here are all her Eritrean recipes in one place.

Thank you so much again Shadya!



DC Cooking Class and Lunch falafilHomemade Eritrean Falafil Recipe


DC Cooking Class and Lunch curries on table 2Shadya’s Humus Recipe


DC Cooking Class and Lunch lentil and purslane curry close upLentil Curry


DC Cooking Class and Lunch veggie curryEritrean Vegetable Curry


DC Cooking Class and Lunch Makleel up close 2Eritrean Doughnuts with Honey (Makleel)