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Creative Instagram Accounts for Kids Activities

By Jennifer Curcio

It’s safe to say that COVID-19 has temporarily changed the way children play, and the role of parents in facilitating that with many of us running our own kind of daycares from home. The last few months I’ve upped the focus on activities, DIYs, upcycling, recycling, being ‘inventive’ with what we have around the house, painting, drawing, etc. Below I’ve included a list of creative Instagram accounts that I’ve found incredibly helpful during the pandemic but also on rainy days. These accounts provide an endless source of inspiration for playing at home or outside. Pinterest is of course an incredible resource but I find it requires a bit more time to browse and get organised.

This is a round-up listing, so it will updated regularly as I discover new accounts. If there are any you recommend, please feel free to let me know about them by emailing me at:


Creative Instagram Accounts for Kids Activities


1. Babyccino Kids

I love the Babyccinokids account for their regular activity ideas for kids. They are all about being resourceful, and creative to create easy DIY’s with your children, often using what you already might have in the house. They also share recipes, and from time-to-time, book recommendations too. This account covers ideas for toddlers right up to teenagers.


2. A Crafty Living

The Crafty Living account is run by a mother and early childhood educator with a toddler, whom she keeps very busy with play based activities. There are lots of DIY’s, lists of supplies for activities and just generally beautiful shots of her baby’s play area. This account is ideal for parents with babies, toddlers or pre-schoolers.


3. Bringing Up Babe

This is one of my favourite accounts. It features ‘Babe’, who tests out the Montessori inspired activities her occupational therapist Mum sets up for her. I love this account because it is so simple, and engaging, and most of the ideas can be created with things you already have in the house. My daughter and I sometimes watch the videos or look at the feed together – she loves it too! This account is ideal for parents with babies and toddlers.


4. Recycle and Play

Don’t know what to do with all the toilet paper rolls and online delivery boxes you’ve been hoarding for crafts? You’ve come to the right place. From more technical projects like cardboard igloos right down to simple DIYS, this account will leave you with an endless list of recycled crafts and activities to try with your little ones. Ideal for toddlers and kids.


5. Busy Toddler

A former teacher, Susie Allison’s account has a following of one million, and for good reason. Her Instagram account named after her website with the same name is FULL of activity ideas for children. Many of her activity ideas are learning based which I love, and on her website these ideas are categorised. She covers art, fine and gross motor skills, literacy, maths and science.


6. Monti Kids

If you have ever googled Montessori activities, there is a very high chance you’ve stumbled upon the MontiKids website – they have some fantastic articles and activity ideas. In essence this is a business – they offer a subscription-based Montessori toy program but what I love about their Instagram account is the community and the Montessori themed activity ideas. They occasionally also share parenting tips and advice. Ideal for babies, toddlers and children.


7. Grays at Play

This has to be one of the most beautifully curated personal accounts from a mother of the activities she makes her children, that I’ve ever seen. Every post shows you that even using a piece of cardboard you can create something beautiful for your child to play with. If you love incorporating nature into your activities, and are after a little inspiration, this is a charming account. Ideal for toddlers/pre-schoolers and children.


8. Little Wild Olive

If you liked the sound of Grays at Play above, then you will love Little Wild Olive. This is another gorgeous account with glimpses into nature based activities by Sam for her two children. She also often features recommendations for children’s books which have all been fabulous so far. Ideal for toddlers and children.


9. Whole Beings

Whole Beings is a kind of education collective/community that focuses on the first seven years of a childs’ life. They provide an education membership with curriculum’s that reflect their philosophy, as well as beautifully designed education resources. I like their Instagram account for quick bursts of inspiration, learning and activity ideas – it is beautifully curated. If you are interested in teaching mindfulness to children this could be a great resource.


10. The Joy Journal 

I discovered Laura Brand’s account around the launch of her book The Joy Journal which I then bought within a day or two. Her account and book with the same name (which I highly recommend) provides snapshots of the activities she sets up for her two daughters, and their daily adventures (often in nature). If you enjoy Montessori style activities, then I would describe this account as pimped Montessori sprinkled with magic fairy dust. She also often shares recipes or variations of recipes from her book which is a must buy! Learn to make homemade glue, finger paint, play dough, squishy soap, moon sand and so much more.


11. Hello Lunch Lady

This is the Instagram account of the food and family focused magazine with the same name. This account (and their publication) provides endless inspiration, activity ideas, recipes and support with a relaxed, and most importantly fun approach. Suitable for families with toddlers and children.


12. The Botanical Mama

You can expect beautiful botanical crafting ideas, natural DIY’s and general prettiness from this gorgeous account by mother, Jessie.


Creative Instagram Accounts for Kids Activities twoPlaying around with potato and apple stamp prints inspired by Molly Mahon block printing


Additional Instagram accounts, websites and resources that parents may also like:

The Montessori Notebook – Simon Davie’s book, The Montessori Toddler is one of my go-to’s for modern Montessori learning and activity ideas. Her website is terrific and an endless resource of ideas. Her Instagram account also provides some great activity tips, and general advice.

Heidi Apples, a pre and post-natal dietician based in Victoria has a wonderful Instagram, website and book. Her writing style and account of motherhood is down to earth with lots of recipes and beautiful snapshots into thoughtful daily life along the way.

Molly Mahon Block Printing – a inspiring creative account by an artist ideal for parents (on their own), as well as with their children. I particularly love Molly’s tips for block printing with potatoes.

Mother Mag – interviews, products, inspiration

The_vista – travel and inspiration

Squishy Minnie website and Instagram – books, books and more books for children

Love Every blog and Instagram (research based tips, learning and toys for babies and toddlers)