CJ Hendry Exhibition octopus

Apart from seeing family on my most recent dash (three days) back to Melbourne over Easter, I had only two other ‘musts’: 1) visiting Pana Chocolate and 2) checking out CJ Hendry’s latest exhibition.


CJ Hendry Exhibition coconut


I am glad to report that I fulfilled both pre-requisites on the list and that I also snuck in a few other visits to some favourite old haunts, but that is for another time! For now I wanted to share my love for CJ Hendry’s recent Melbourne exhibition presented by Cool Hunter. I had admired her work online but seeing it up-close in person was another thing entirely.

’50 Foods in Fifty Days’ was really something and not just because I love food so much that I would go to see a collection all about it hand drawn onto Hermes plates, the experience was much more than that for me. Yes CJ hand drew each of the fifty one-off pieces by hand (tick), she was inspired by the thought of what a death row prisoner’s last meal would be (cool), she pumped out one piece a day for fifty days straight (machine), and the exhibition was set up around a foodie experience: cafe, food products for sale, etc (awesome).

There are lots of elements that came at one another for this food art explosion and you can read more about that here. Here on though are some of my favourite images from the collection (basically all of them), as well as a few snaps of the exhibition itself.

CJ Hendry Exhibition fortune cookies


Did you get a chance to go? If you did, which were your favourites? I honestly loved them all! If you missed out and happen to be in New York this summer, the collection will be showing there so keep your eyes peeled on Cool Hunter for updates.

JC x

P.s – Please note I have taken photos of the drawings, so just a head’s up there will be a few snaps where I’ve caught light in the reflection.


CJ Hendry Exhibition inside 1

CJ Hendry Exhibition oysters



CJ Hendry Exhibition crab



CJ Hendry Exhibition avocado



CJ Hendry Exhibition dragonfruit


CJ Hendry Exhibition fries



CJ Hendry Exhibition orange



CJ Hendry Exhibition inside 2


CJ Hendry Exhibition waffles



CJ Hendry Exhibition sausage


CJ Hendry Exhibition pizza



CJ Hendry Exhibition inside 4



CJ Hendry Exhibition pineapple



CJ Hendry Exhibition pear



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