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During my research for this post and the first one (Best Food Quotes – Part One), I found so many great food quotes that I had to compile a short list that ended up being a long list that had to be divided into two posts.

In part two, I am yet again intrigued by the way that food is such a central element to people’s lives and days. It makes me wonder how far back we could find people’s love and fascination with food recorded. People taking photos of people taking photos of food is nothing when you consider the spice routes of old civilisations, the Hedonism of the Romans or even Caravaggio’s beautiful still life paintings of overripe fruit. Perhaps a post for another time!

For now, check out some more ‘recent’ recordings of food love below, and feel free to re-post. Enjoy, and to one of life’s greatest gifts and pleasures – FOOD!

JC  x


Food Quotes Part 2 Sincerer Love


Food Quotes Part Two Cooking like Love


Food Quotes Part Two Think Well


Food Quotes Part Two Voltaire  

Food Quotes Two Not a Glutton


Food Quotes Two Magic and Pasta


Food Quotes Two First We Eat


Food Quotes Part two Words inadequate


Food Quotes 2 Promises and Pie Crusts




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