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Saturday September 13th is International Chocolate Day. I am partaking in the celebrations by not only eating chocolate (this is a daily occurrence for me) but also sharing what in my opinion are some of the best chocolates going round (and fairly accessible to buy). Please note that this does not include chocolate cakes, mousse, Nutella, pastries or chocolate fountains as they require a separate list. So here it goes!


1. Ferrero Rocher – honestly there is probably not one Ferrero chocolate product that I do not love but my all time favourites would have to be the classic Ferrero Rocher hazelnut ball and the Raffaello. My third favourite in this range is unfortunately only available normally once or twice a year during Christmas or Easter time and is sold in the mixed pack, it’s called Ferrero Rocher Garden Coconut, essentially like the Raffaello but coconut flavoured. Has anyone tried it and do you want to sign my petition to get Ferrero to sell it all year round?


Citizen Cocoa Chocolate


2. Citizen Cacao  wow, just wow. The first time I ate a Citizen Cacao chocolate I had to share it with my friend – it was the hardest thing I had to do. If you haven’t tried one of Citizen Cacao’s chocolates please do. They are handmade, coated with delicious raw chocolate (vegan friendly), filled with some amazing flavours like berry coconut chia, orange and pistachio praline, and my favourite the almond butter chocolate. Such a treat and I would definitely not recommend sharing.



Haighs milk coated hazelnuts
Image credit – Haigh’s Australia.


3. Haigh’s –  I have had the fortune (or misfortune) of working across the road from two separate Haigh’s stores at previous jobs I held in Hawthorn and in the CBD. This meant that for 2-3 years my colleagues and I spent a lot of time and money consuming chocolate frogs, hazelnut praline bars, chocolate coated hazelnuts and almonds – you get the drift. The chocolate at Haigh’s is so deliciously sweet and dangerously addictive. I would keep the visits to a minimum for health and dental reasons but there is nothing wrong with indulging every now and again. Their chocolate packs also make great gifts, really well presented.


 Monsieur Truffe


4. Monsieur Truffe – this place is like a mini Willy Wonka factory with shelves of chocolate bars, as well as windows that allow you to see where all the chocolate action happens. Monsieur Truffe cater for all chocolate tastes – dark and milk with different percentages of cacao from various countries. They make great giandujia chocolate, as well as sweet chocolate coated, cocoa dusted morsels – another great place to self-indulge but also buy gifts for loved ones.

Which are your favourite chocolates? Feel free to post yours in the comments section! And Happy International Chocolate Day!

JC x


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