Tsukiji sashimi platterWe don’t have a Tsukiji fish market in Melbourne, but we do have a very mini alternative with the same name. If you are a sushi or sashimi lover then Tsukiji in Prahran is a must visit. It’s more like a Japanese mini mart or deli, and when you walk in your food is waiting for you…but it’s waiting for you in the “shopping aisle”. What we’ve named the “shopping aisle” is where you select fresh, premium cuts of fish like ocean trout, tuna, prawn cutlets, sea urchin, scallops and then take them to the main counter to be sashimi’ed free of charge.

A fish feast of this proportion and quality would normally cost you about $40-$60 a person at a good Japanese restaurant, but at Tsukiji the outlay for a Sashimi platter like this will cost you around $45 to share between two ($22.50 each). This is real value and begins making you question what you would normally pay for a good Sushi/Sashimi lunch.

tsukiji fridge

The great thing about Tsukiji is being able to eat in (although seating is limited) or grab take away, so you can ‘smash your sash’ wherever you like. Tsukiji is the way to go for lunch, a cheap takeaway dinner or as a catering option for entertaining guests, and the quality is fantastic too. They also have a budget Sashimi set option for $15.

Tsukiji inside

If you like Japanese food but don’t take well to the raw parts of their cuisine, Tsukiji also offer hot meals like Japanese style curry rice ($11), Udon with Tempura prawn ($10), or fried vegetable noodles ($7), as well as all the usual favourites like Miso Soup ($1.50), Okonomiyaki ($5), and Gyoza (5 pieces for $6) and a range of Japanese groceries. Tsukiji – a wonderful discovery Southside.



Trading hrs: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 12pm – 5pm, Saturday 10am – 5pm. Closed Sunday and Wednesdays – (best to call ahead of time, trading hours change regularly).

Address: 237 High St, Prahran

Ph: 9510 2318

Coffee: Available. We were impressed by their huge Nespresso machine.

Take away:  Available.

Must try: A sashimi platter of your own selection.

Notes: Eat in menu available from 12-2.45pm.





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